7 Memes Only Parents of a Threenager Will Understand

Three-year-olds are so…special, aren’t they? So many big emotions. In our house, it’s an unbelievable spectrum we live through each day. Here are 8 memes that pretty much sum up life with a threenager (just like a regular three-year-old, but with some major attitude).  

Threenager Feelings

Daniel Tiger is an obvious favorite for many preschoolers.

I wish I were half the mom that Mom Tiger is. That family has a song for everything! When he’s right, he’s right—and these lyrics completely nail pandemic life.

The Threenager, the Office, and Disbelief

If you do have preschoolers at home, you might be of the age range that lived through the original airing of “The Office.”  I find myself often channeling my inner Kevin and doing side confessionals with facial expressions of disbelief toward my husband or even sometimes toward a mirror or a camera that doesn’t exist to express my true feelings after, particularly egregious behavior. This is especially true in the morning. Like, every morning heading out the door. “YOU CAN’T FIND YOUR SHOE, AND YOU’RE HUNGRY DESPITE JUST EATING BREAKFAST?” Ok, cool, cool, cool. (Now insert a Jim Halpert crazy eyes expression). 

And you know what’s even more? By this age, they’ve learned and used the phrase “are you kidding me?” themselves. 

m'kay three-year-old

M’kay, three-year-old

When we do finally get in the car, the very same child who was not at all in a hurry decides to start spitting a story rapid-fire style and expecting me to keep up, going as far as to get angry when I’m not replying as I’m apparently supposed to be. To that attitude, I say m’kay because I can’t say Jen’s, from “Dead to Me,” other favorite word. 

Schitt's Creek and the Threenager Parent

Oh, Schitt’s Creek.

Ok, so this is for all of you out there who have tantrum-throwers. My kids aren’t prone to them per se, but I can tell you that my three-year-old does not react well to be told no. If you suggest an activity that’s not to her liking, say taking a shower because it’s almost bedtime, you can expect to spend the next several minutes with her in tears. But when I feel on the verge of tears, scrolling through “Schitt’s Creek” memes makes it better.

Every threenager parent out there

Mindy Kaling gets the Threenager Parent.

Can we take a minute to appreciate Mindy Kaling?! Regardless of what movie or show in which she’s starring, she is full of dynamite one-liners. And this one, I mean—RIGHT?! We, moms, are people, too. We need our freedom away from the house and kids, and the occasional much deserved date nights. May these words give you permission to schedule your next one—or some solo shopping time, or even closet eating time. No judgments here! 

Well, What DID you do?!

Speaking of partners, who can’t relate to Wendy Byrd and her bitter resentment of her husband as she has to take on so many added tasks all of a sudden? Just kidding, kind of. We love you, parenting partners!

Cuddly Three-year-olds

Lest you think I’m letting the difficult days steal the joy of this stage, I’m not. I promise. I am all too aware of how quickly time flies. And those BIG emotions, when they swing the other way, I’m so here for it. 

As long as I’m living, my babies, they’ll be!

Blair Bonczynski is a wife to one, mom to two. Born and raised in the Metro area, she finds great joy in playing intramural sports, listening to a good audio book, figuring out ways to save the environment, and indulging in a craft beer every now and then. She spends her days working as the marketing and communications coordinator for the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools Office, and she spends her nights playing with her kids and picking up toys at home. She is constantly discovering the joy in the little things.