Ashley Shannon

Ashley Shannon
ASHLEY C. SHANNON is a wife, mother, and adventure curator. After living in the coastal South for many years, she's back to her Midwest roots, where she's excited to explore Omaha and paint her experience of motherhood with words. You can find her on IG @Ashley_C_Shannon
winter fun in omaha

Cold-Weather Bucket List in Omaha

There's no escaping winter in Omaha. It's long and cold and dreary. But I've learned that attitude is everything and decided to look forward to the dreaded cold.  Here are six cold-weather things I’m looking...
From Omaha to Arizona Creating Memories on a Family Adventure in Phoenix Omaha Mom

Tips for Traveling to Phoenix from Omaha

Our family recently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, from Omaha and we loved it! Since we moved here in 2020, Omaha people have gushed about their visits to Arizona. (And I’m not just talking about the...
Harvest Moon Farm, Oakland, NE

A Mom’s Guide to Harvest Moon Farm

Have you been to Harvest Moon Farm in Oakland, NE? It's an hour north of Omaha, and the one place on my bucket list this fall.  Harvest Moon | 1098 County Road N Oakland, NE Last...
My First Mom Friend Omaha Mom

My First Mom Friend

Do you remember your first mom friend? My husband and I met Jenniffer and her husband at a birthing class. While talking with the teacher, Jenniffer mentioned she lived only a few blocks from the...
5 Amusing Hacks for the Mom with Active Kids Omaha Mom

5 Amazing Hacks for Busy Moms

Newly married, I was clueless about most things, so I looked to the advice of women who were in a later stage of marriage than I was. One of those women was Claudia. She...
mothers day gifts girl hugging mom and holding white card with a red heart drawn on it

3 Mother’s Day Gifts I Never Knew I Needed

My husband is a gift-giver, which can be unfortunate because I’m an awkward gift-receiver. On many occasions, my husband has been excited about a gift, which I seem to blunder when receiving. It’s not...
Road Trip to Sioux Falls Omaha Mom

8 Things to Do in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is about 3 hours from Omaha. This makes it the perfect road trip for a family get-away! With only two-and-a-half hours in the car (give or take a little depending on...
pupusas international food in omaha

My Favorite International Cuisine in Omaha

Although I love the Nebraska homestyle favorites I have discovered in Omaha, sometimes I crave more international flavors.  When I first moved to Omaha, I looked up “what food is Nebraska known for?” The results? ...
hand holding oscar award

What Moms Can Learn from Thrifting and the Award-Winner Director Daniel Scheinert

Did you hear about director Daniel Scheinert, who wore a thrift-store tux and won one of the most prestigious awards in his industry? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And as I often do, I...
daylight savings

Daylight Saving Time:: It’s the Most Horrible Time of the Year

It's time to change your clocks! Spring forward or fall back: It doesn’t matter which season it is; it makes for very confused kids and unhappy mamas when the time changes.  (Perhaps I’m a little dramatic...