Ebony Turner

Ebony Turner
Celebrate Juneteenth in Omaha

Celebrating Juneteenth in Omaha

Juneteenth is June 19, 2023. As the United States continues to strive for equality and justice, it is crucial to recognize and celebrate the rich history and contributions of African Americans. Juneteenth, also known...
5 Self-Care Omaha Mom

Top 5 Self-Care Ideas for Moms

Self-care is important. The past 12 months have been extremely challenging. With all the unrest, and changes going on in so many parts of our lives, it can be difficult to focus on self-care and...

Celebrate Black History Month by Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of African-Americans. One way to do this is to support the African-American community by supporting Black-owned businesses. Here are just a few...

Things To Stop Saying To Twin Parents

  "Double trouble!" I had a singleton first, and not once did anyone curiously lean over her stroller, peer down my sleeping child, and pronounce such calamity. Sure, there are times when they will challenge the...

How We Braved Traveling With Kids Under 5 Years old

We lived 1500 miles from family until we had our fourth child. We decided we needed to be closer to my family because we needed the support. Traveling back and forth from Florida to...
Easter 2019

Omaha Mom:: Introducing Ebony

Omaha Hi, I'm Ebony. Moving from Central Florida to the midwest was a risk that we are grateful to have taken! Having lived in Omaha for almost 3 years now, we enjoy the sensible cost...