Born and raised in Omaha, Kassandra has a heart for her city and loves that she can call it home. After ten years battling infertility, she and her husband of 14 years, Nicholas, have a beautiful feisty little firecracker named Eloise (2015). Kassandra formerly taught preschool for 15 years and decided to leave teaching in a school setting to help her friend start up "The Wonder Nook" (a space of creativity and wonderment for all ages) When time allows it, you will more than likely find Kassandra somewhere writing, dreaming, doing.
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Be a Tourist in your Own City

Because I was born and raised in Omaha, there hasn't really been a time I haven't loved my home city. Except for that brief moment in high school when I was taking classes at...

Heart of OMB :: Conceive Nebraska

Infertility 101 Did you know that April 22nd kicks off a week-long awareness about infertility?  I didn't either, until 13 years ago, when my husband and I were declared "infertile" by our doctor.  The word...

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Last month, beloved fans and National Public Television celebrated 50 years of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  I don’t know about you, but I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and found comfort in his quiet demeanor...

A Little Romp n’ Roll!

Fun Classes This last week my two-year-old and I had the pleasure of attending a few classes at Romp n' Roll. What's Romp n' Roll? It's a new kids gym on 178th and Harrison where...

For the Love of Harry Potter!

Yes, you read that right, this is going to be a post about Harry Potter.  No matter if you’re a fan or not, there is a fierce following that includes a generation of mothers and fathers who are now sharing the enchanting world of Harry Potter with their children.

Finding Time…

It's beginning to look  at lot like....the holidays. For me, it starts the minute October 1st rolls around, there's a sort of magic that begins and just builds momentum until January 1st.

Children’s Grief Awareness

Did you know that November 16th, is Children's Grief Awareness day? Neither did I. "Children's Grief Awareness Day is designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children —...

Celebrating Our Grandparents

So, how do we honor the Grands in Our life? Start off by asking your kiddos!  They might have a few ideas of how they would like to show their love and admiration for their Grandparents, but if you need a few ideas, here's a short list of activities you can discuss as a family:

Moms Just Wanna Have Fun!

There, I said it. My number one goal this summer was to have some fun without my kid. I love her to pieces, but let's get real; Moms just wanna have fun too!!!

Turning Two…Terrible or Terrific?

I blinked once, then twice, and my little miracle turned two. I was seriously emotional about this turning of age because well, my "baby" was more of a little person then a "baby". Growing...