Sara Frohardt

Sara Frohardt is the newest Owner of Omaha Mom. Sara and her husband, Chris, live in West Omaha with their twin daughters, Edith & Eloise, and baby boy William. Even though Sara considers herself "new" to Omaha, she is so happy to be raising her family here. Omaha is most definitely her home. Sara is passionate about creating a welcoming, inclusive community for mothers and families in Omaha by offering valuable parenting and local resources. Sara can be reached at [email protected]
holiday gift giving ideas Omaha Mom

Stress-Free Gift Giving

The holidays are approaching and with them, lights will soon be twinkling, wreaths will be hanging on front doors, and the never-ending Christmas list will be written. Before we had kids, my husband and I...
Omaha in December

Omaha Moms’ Guide to December Events:: Holiday & Winter Activities

December in Omaha has so much to offer. From the multitude of holiday events and winter activities it can be a little overwhelming planning your calendar! Omaha Moms Blog has curated a guide to...

See To Learn

As hard as it is to admit -- back-to-school is just around the corner.  The back-to-school dance of school supplies shopping and making sure our kids have decent fitting clothes and shoes to conquer their...

Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway 2021 :: VOTE HERE!

Omaha Mom recognizes that the last year was one with many challenges, especially for the mothers in our community. We are SO excited to partner with such amazing businesses and bless some amazing mothers to...

Help Omaha Mom Eliminate Daylight Saving Time!

Help Omaha Mom eliminate Daylight Saving Time by signing our petition! Daylight Saving Time is as welcomed in the parenting community as a runny nose at the playground. Parents have been hit especially hard this...
Foster Imagination and Creativity Through Fairies {Plus FREE Printables!} Omaha Mom

Foster Imagination and Creativity Through Fairies {Plus FREE Printables!}

Fairyland is real. The fairy garden craze became super popular when my twins were about two years old. My mom, who has a reputation for going overboard, found numerous fairy garden creatures at a garden...
International Women's Day Omaha Mom

International Women’s Day::Activities For The Whole Family

March 8th is International Women’s Day and though it has been celebrated internationally since 1911, it wasn’t until having my daughters that I started celebrating the day. I was already celebrating Taco Tuesday and...

Reborn Pelvic Health and Wellness with Dr. Betty DeLass

Are you tired of peeing your pants when you laugh, cough, sneeze, workout or jump? Do you wish you enjoyed being intimate with your partner without pain? Does it just not feel the same...

Letting Go of MOMS Club and Standing Up for What’s Right

I found my local MOMS Club chapter at a time in my life that I was desperate for friends. I had 18-month-old twins, my husband was switching jobs from working at home to an...

The Hospital Bag: Procrastination and Changing of Seasons

I’m currently sitting in my bedroom staring at my suitcase. There’s a pile of clean laundry next to the bag and I’m doing everything possible to get that bag packed without actually getting up...