Sara Hoogeveen

Sara is a career child welfare worker turned career mama. After having their first child, Marian (Feb 2017), she realized her true calling in life was to mom and mom hard! Sara resides with her husband, Blake, and daughter in West Omaha. They are expecting their second child, Henry, August 2019. Sara is a Nebraska transplant from Iowa while Blake grew up in Bellevue, NE. She has a professional background in child development, psychology, and human services, and puts these degrees to use every day in raising her children. Sara is a staunch believer in only being able to care for others when you also care for yourself. When she’s not momming, she can be found reading books from a book club she co-leads, cooking, or crafting.

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss My journey with infertility and pregnancy loss began on March 1, 2016... ...when I did not see my baby in the sac that meant to hold the first signs of life. My...
Health Vs. Happiness Omaha Mom

My Kids Playing Sports, Do I Pick Their Health OR Happiness?

Do your kids play sports? My children's health and happiness are my top priorities.  Any parent can tell you this is true. But what happens when health and happiness enter into fierce competition? I'm talking about...
Bloom Where You're Planted Omaha Mom

Bloom Where You’re Planted (A Reflection on Weeds)

  "Bloom Where You're Planted." It's a beautiful catchphrase and trendy pillow cover quote. The sentiment falling within the same realm of "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and "Choose Happy." All of which I immensely...
#Sexhausted Omaha Mom


Too exhausted for sex or exhausted from sex? Once upon a time, many eons ago . . . It was the latter. Today? Well, I think you know the answer. As do a great many moms...

The Parenting Dilemma:: Who to Trust for Our Questions

Parenting. Most of us believe we will end up doing it. None of us are prepared for it. Sure, we took home the sack of flour, swaddled it, and gave it a name. Fast forward a...
chocolate-covered day

National Chocolate Covered Everything Day:: 2020 Is Better in Chocolate

The first time I read a sign for chocolate-dipped bacon strips at the Iowa State Fair, my jaw may have sheer horror. Bacon—Yum. Chocolate—Double Yum. Together? Ew… WHY?! Well, those folks aren’t wrong. Almost...

Being a Stay At Home Mom is Enough #SAHMGoals

Being a mom is enough. Say it with me. Being a Stay at Home Mom. IS. Enough. Many women work while raising families, which is, in no unequal terms - AMAZING. Raising a family is...

Curly Hair, Take Care:: Learning What Works

Where my Curlies at? For a long time, I felt like an outsider in the hair department. Why did my curly hair try to emulate a poodle every time I wore it straight? How come...

What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting:: Seeing A Fertility Specialist

In my prior blog about infertility/pregnancy loss (PL), I shared my story and what to expect emotionally when you're experiencing infertility/PL. In this segment, we will explore what to expect if you pursue treatment...

What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting:: How to Help or Support Mom

When my husband and I experienced our first pregnancy loss at five weeks along, it was hard, to say the least. We hadn't been trying too long, three months. Our first loss occurred before...