Having a toddler is a tough time, I always seem to forget this until we are in the middle of it. They are little beings who are mobile in their world, but have no idea what they are doing.  Limited communication skills can cause tantrums and even screaming (I have a current screamer and it is exhausting).
I am sending my oldest off to kindergarten. Just typing that fills me with emotion. I have been on the other side of this. I have watched kids (and parents) have the first day jitters.
My breastfeeding experience with all three of my children reminds me of fine dining: awkward at first, but extremely rewarding.
Oh the joy of potty training – one that makes me cringe now and want to go running for the hills! My oldest was an absolute piece of cake.
World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated this month. As a mom of three breastfed babies, I have experienced, endured and conquered breastfeeding.
I typically caution myself from going crazy and end up sticking to the baby registry but sometimes the registry items restrict me. Recommendations included!
I blinked once, then twice, and my little miracle turned two. I was seriously emotional about this turning of age because well, my "baby" was more of a little person then a "baby". Growing way too fast with several...
Even before I had three children, I was interested in the impact of birth order on the personalities of people.
There are lots of great nicknames for trios (the Three Musketeers; Alvin and the Chipmunks; TLC; or Harry, Ron, and Hermione).  The summer we moved to Omaha was the summer I found my independence as a mom and I...

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