Mommy Jeans and Me: How I found the perfect pair

Being under five feet tall makes finding clothes difficult enough – pants especially! During my second pregnancy I realized that getting back into my old jeans probably wasn’t going to happen. I gathered them together and dropped them off for donation. On a good day I still had two pairs that fit me. When my daughter turned one, I was finally determined to find jeans that fit the new me. Here is what I learned on my journey to fitting my new body.  

Take time for yourself.

I went to the store all by myself: no husband and no kids. I had me all to myself and it felt weird. I also didn’t have any distractions to pull my attention away from my goal.

Don’t give up.  Try, try again!

After trying on five different pairs of jeans thinking they were my size, I accepted the assistance of the dressing room attendant. I already had spent fifteen minutes going through stacks and walls of jeans pulling every size and style that I thought would work. I was about to walk out with nothing. She pointed me in the direction of where I might find even more styles that might suit me. Another round of five pairs and I had about one that I might purchase.  

Ask for help.

I wasn’t convinced with the single pair of jeans I had found. It fit me, but it was only okay. I still felt too short for them and the curves weren’t in the right spot. I decided it was time to ask for help. One girl who worked there had my similar body type and she was wearing pants that fit her. She helped me find a style that I never would have thought to try. I’m sure that if I would not have asked for her help, I would have bought something I didn’t love.

Be comfortable!

I grew up wearing low rise jeans and didn’t think I would ever change. Two kids later and I’m not in the same body anymore. I’ve lost most of the baby weight, but even if I did lose it all, the shape of my body isn’t the same. It has taken me three and a half years to learn that it isn’t the number on the scale that matters, but it’s how my clothes feel on me that is important. I might not be 100% comfortable with my postpartum body, but I can at least wear clothes that fit and flatter the body that I have now. There is just something so satisfying in being able to button and zip up a pair of jeans without everything hanging out and feeling out of breath.  

I am so glad that I took time for myself and stepped outside of my comfort zone to find my perfect pair of jeans. Bringing up the courage to ask a stranger for help was probably the most rewarding step in my jean journey. If you ever get the chance, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Jacqueline is a wife and a loving mother to two lively kids. Alongside taking care of her family and working full-time in healthcare, she is a real estate investor and a personal finance writer for Parent Portfolio, aiming to help other parents build wealth. She manages the finances for her household and her small real estate business. She has been featured in Business Insider, USA Today, and Ladders.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I loathe shopping for jeans and swim suits. I have to remind myself to take time and not be rushed.

    • Oh swimsuits! So not fun! I bought my last one in a rush and it is just not perfect. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of hours to myself to find the right one some day! =)

  2. There is nothing like the way a perfect pair of jeans feels! I agree that I just have to let the people who know retail help me in a fitting room. 🙂 Loved it, Jaqueline!

  3. Jean shopping as a short mom is a special type of torture! Thanks for giving the best tips for finding a perfect pair jeans! (And I need to know the store you went into! 😉 )

    • Neidy, this particular shopping adventure was just at Target! I’ve never bought jeans at Target before (even before kids) because I never had the patience! Being a mom, I’ve learned how to appreciate a few moments alone at a store and decided to make the most of the time I had. =)

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