Fourth of July Fashion:: Festive, Functional, Patriotic, & Practical


Fourth of July outfits

I am a sucker for a good theme and if I can organize an outfit around that theme—count me in! I am the mom who loves dress-up days at daycare, who has a tub full of ugly sweaters for the holidays, and who has three different red blazers for recruiting season at Nebraska.

One of my favorite themed family holidays (aside from the most superior holiday in my house which is Halloween) is the Fourth of July. 

There is no occasion quite like Independence Day to wear all things American. I generally make the decision to wear outfits that feel like they can be worn all season, with just a splash of “Fourth of July spirit”. Think classic inspired pieces—no I am not talking about the Old Navy flag shirts (side note: can you believe that 2019 will mark 25 years of production for these shirts!)  I am talking about denim, stripes, chambray, and gingham all are great additions to your summer wardrobe that double as patriotic fashion. 

Festive and Functional

Average temps in Nebraska the week of the Fourth are around 87 degrees. With the hot and humid weather of this holiday, I have found that keeping it festive but functional is essential. For us that means, shorts, T-shirts, and clothes that can easily move from the lake to a backyard barbecue to evening fireworks without much planning. We opt for transitional pieces that are light weight and keep us all cool. Keep it simple for the whole family. Graphic tees for the kids, a polo for dad, and a breathable maxi dress for mom. 

Patriotic yet Practical

Between the months of May and November there are at least four opportunities to sport your patriotic apparel. You can wear your red, white, and blue Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, and even voting day. One outfit, six months of use. Better yet, every four years, you can throw in a fifth opportunity—the summer Olympics!  

Independence Day Do’s

Instead of stars and stripes or draping yourself in an American flag, try plaids, polka dots, stripes, or a pop of color in an accessory. It is also lots of fun to try textures and mixed fabrics. Adding printed fabric, lace, chambray, or leather can be a fun twist on the traditional look. Maybe you don’t love how you look in red, that is okay! Build your outfit around one of the patriotic colors and still feel festive. 

What is your go-to Fourth of July fashion?

Becka is an Iowa native who moved to Omaha in June 2015. She is one half of a higher education couple, a mom to identical twin boys (Avery and Elliot 2014) and two sassy wiener dogs (Nora and Knox). Becka enjoys the craziness of twins and the unpredictability of each day. Even with three degrees, most recently a doctorate in higher education, she continues to find herself googling things like “pachycephalosaurus + herbivore” or “excavator vs digger.” With two very energetic and curious preschoolers at home Becka enjoys the peacefulness of her daily commute to Lincoln where she is a coordinator in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy. Becka loves being outdoors in her garden, on the lake with her family, or sitting on the patio with a friend. Her kryptonite is diet coke, peanut m&m’s and a kid free Target trip.