Stressing Over This Summer’s Style

Summer has arrived and with that, a sense of style returns.

Every year, it’s tanned legs popping out of short-shorts, sun-kissed tresses, multi-colored flip-flops, and breezy dresses. We gussy up when our friends invite us over to grill and we choose swimsuits to thrill. The call of hot pink and Caribbean blue tells me when it comes to style.

I haven’t the slightest clue.

You won’t see me poolside under a cute straw hat with an impeccable pedi in this season’s “it” colors. I’ll be lucky if I even make it to the pool in a swimsuit that’s not mistaken for a cover-up, let alone my toes painted! You see, this is my first year as a mom of a toddler. I’m still trying to lose that “baby weight” (aren’t we all???) and the idea of a swimsuit right now has me rolling my eyes let alone going to the store to buy a stylish one!

Growing up, the call of summer was the chance to shed a few layers and let the world see me for the cosmopolitan beauty I was. This year? I realized I haven’t picked up a Cosmo mag in years and have no idea what people think is in style these days. In fact, I was recently asked to be a part of a photo shoot where the dress code was cream and white, frilly lace, light denim, and chambray.

One look in my closet and I realized I must dress like a moody teenager.

Black, gray t-shirts, dark denim, yoga pants. No frilly lace here, and I had to google what chambray was! A couple of friends tried to help with suggestions of accessories, but I fail there as well. Think studded earrings and a chain with my daughter’s thumbprint on it that’s it. My purse? No Marc Jacobs here, just a functional black cross-body by some designer I found cheap on Zulily!

So, what’s a mom to do when she feels totally out of touch with what’s in style and summer is well, here?

Besides enjoying the look of wonderment and excitement over my daughter’s first real experience with all things summer, I really don’t know. Which is why I’m asking you! What’s your go-to style this summer? What designer or “it” look has you inspired to be poolside? I would love to know so, comment below!

Born and raised in Omaha, Kassandra has a heart for her city and loves that she can call it home. After ten years battling infertility, she and her husband of 14 years, Nicholas, have a beautiful feisty little firecracker named Eloise (2015). Kassandra formerly taught preschool for 15 years and decided to leave teaching in a school setting to help her friend start up "The Wonder Nook" (a space of creativity and wonderment for all ages) When time allows it, you will more than likely find Kassandra somewhere writing, dreaming, doing.


  1. I love your authenticity!

    There is more raw beauty in this blog post than in any Cosmo I’ve ever read. You rock that moody teenager style & cheap Zulilly purse. Adore the wonderment on your daughter’s face & embrace your own style of beauty.

  2. I LOVE dresses–all year but especially in the summer!. People think I’m so dressed up but really it’s the exact opposite. I didn’t want to mess with picking out an outfit so I put on a single article of clothing and it works! When I wear dresses even with a messy bun in my hair I get so many compliments about how nice I look. If only they knew it was really the exact opposite. I got up late and didn’t know what to match in my closet!

  3. I think I have a summer uniform. Black tank tops with different colored shorts. Every day of every week in the summer. It’s easier for sure! 🙂

  4. I love how honest you are! My go to for the summer are dresses. I love a good swing dress and I get so many compliments too! It feels like pajamas but somehow it’s stylish. You rock whatever you’ve got because you are already so fabulous! Love ya!

  5. Oh my! Talk about the on-going battle of losing all the baby weight! My daughter is 13 months old and before she was born I rid my entire closet of clothes I knew I was never going to fit in ever again. Even if I actually lost all the weight because my body shape has changed so much! Last summer I was on maternity leave and wore nursing tanks all season. This summer? It’s been a struggle since I don’t even have clothes to squeeze into! I have no style! Haha! I’m making it up as I go!

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