Endless Flavors: Hudsonville Ice Cream

Thank you to Hudsonville Ice Cream for sponsoring and introducing Omaha Mom to their amazing ice cream flavors! All opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links.

Anyone who knows me knows I love ice cream! It doesn’t matter if it is soft serve, slow-churned, or gelato—I don’t discriminate! It is all delicious!

So when I had the chance to try ice cream from a brand that has been around since 1926 and is made in Midwest, I said, “Count me in!”

Here’s my take on Hudsonville Ice Cream—what my family enjoyed the most and some dessert ideas to pair with your own flavorful scoop!

Endless Flavors: Hudsonville Ice Cream

What We Liked: Endless Options! Hudsonville Ice Cream has so many flavors.

Whether you prefer sweet, savory, smooth & classic, or overloaded with crumbles, there is a flavor for you. The company uses the same base recipe from 1926 to make its incredible flavors. Some fan favorites include Traverse City Cherry Fudge, Mackinac Island Fudge, Creamery Blend Vanilla and Brownie Batter Cookie Dough. Hands down, the favorite in my house was Hudsonville’s Brownie Batter Cookie Dough. When both cookies and brownies are involved, I’ll take two scoops, please!

And when it comes to ingredients? Hudsonville Ice Cream uses milk and cream from local dairy farms near its headquarters. Every spoonful is creamy goodness! Definitely able to sweeten any moment!

Endless Flavors: Hudsonville Ice CreamAre you vegan or on a no-dairy diet? Another bonus is that Hudsonville Ice Cream has eight dairy-free and vegan flavors available online! Using a combination of oat milk and coconut cream they’ve created a unique list of delicious offerings.

Dessert Ideas: Ice cream is a great addition to any treat!

All on its own, ice cream is tasty, but when paired with cookies, brownies, pies, or cake, it makes the dessert even more indulgent. A classic scoop of vanilla or a complimentary fruit flavor is foolproof options with my kids. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, try Mint Chocolate Chip on top of brownies or try Toasted Coconut ice cream between snickerdoodle cookies. It won’t disappoint!

Endless Flavors Hudsonville Ice Cream Omaha MomAre you ready to scoop yourself a bowl of Hudsonville Ice Cream? 

You can find Hudsonville Ice Cream in-store at Family Fare Supermarkets or get it delivered to your door by ordering online. Be sure to check out all the creative flavors that are perfect for holidays, celebrations, or just because!

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