Celebrating Mom Year-Round

A few weeks ago, my husband asked me why my laundry pile was always five times bigger than everyone else in our family. I had no answer. I had never thought about it. He joked that maybe I just wear more clothes than everyone else. If you know me, you would laugh because I am nowhere close to a fashionista. After thinking for awhile, I realized it all came down to priorities.

Family first

Like most moms, I prioritize myself last. On my to-do list, I make sure that my family gets top priority. I wash/dry/sort/fold their laundry first. Mine gets put off until I am done with all other chores. Then, the next load of laundry comes and goes and mine is still not folded. My laundry pile grows and grows until it’s out of control and affecting others. Then, I sort and fold my laundry. No matter how hard I try, I always fold my family’s first. 

It’s no different with my health. This morning, I finally decided to take myself to the doctor after suffering through 3 days of a suspected sinus infection. But my 11 month old woke up sick. What did I do? Every mom knows that I immediately scheduled her appointment putting mine off again.

We are moms

We are moms. We put our families before ourselves. We are nurturers. We are care-takers. We are moms. It is what makes us amazing and wonderful and beautiful. It’s what makes our children run into our embrace when they are hurt. It is an amazing virtue that we can love others so fully that we forget about ourselves. I recently visited a friend in the hospital less than a day after she gave birth to twins. If there is any time that our culture would allow her to be selfish, this would have been it. However, she made sure that I was taken care of as well as her babies. She walked me to the door and opened the door for me when I left. In this gesture–and those of mothers everywhere–we see true love.

To honor all of the mothers in our lives, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you. 

  • To the new mom awake in the middle of the night
  • To the empty nest mom deafened by the silence of her house
  • To the military mom holding down the fort during deployment
  • To the mom of multiples
  • To the mom of many
  • To the mom of few
  • To the mom who desperately wants children but was unable to have them
  • To the grandma who say yes when mom has to say no
  • To the step-moms and adoptive moms who love children birthed by another 
  • To the neighbors and friends who mother those in need
  • To the mom who has it all together
  • To the mom struggling to get by
  • To the working mom kicking butt and taking names
  • To the stay at home mom up to her ears in diapers
  • To the mom who has lost a child
  • To the mother-in-laws who treat their daughter and sons in law as their own children
  • To the mini mamas playing house
  • To the foster moms who nurture for a moment and love for a lifetime
  • To the single moms doing it all
  • To the aunts who spoil nieces and nephews out of love
  • To the special needs moms who are truly tougher than most 
  • To mom – Thank you. 

The challenge

As Mother’s Day approaches, I would like to offer this challenge to all husbands/children/grandparents/friends. Let’s try to celebrate mothers year-round not just on one Sunday a year. Let’s not spend one day giving Mom the “day off”.  Rather, let’s love her the way she loves us all the time. Let’s tell her that she makes our lives easier. Let’s tell her that she holds our families together. Thank her for the little things she does all day that make a big difference in the lives of our kids. Let’s sacrifice ourselves the way she sacrifices for our family. Speak kindly to her and demand that her children do as well. Speak highly of her in public and in private. Offer to help. Notice her. Notice her efforts. Respect her requests. Offer to fold your own laundry so she can fold hers too.  

Celebrate every day

So on Mother’s Day, give Mom the “day off”. Let her relax. Get her flowers. Make her breakfast in bed. Do whatever you normally do. But on Monday, remember your challenge. Remember that amazing, caring, compassionate woman who holds your family together. And keep the celebration going.


I am the mom to four amazing kiddos. Isaac (2012). Eli (2013). Anna (2017). Ava (2019). I have been married to my husband Jonathan since 2009. I was born and raised in Nebraska and am a cornhusker through and through. I am also a local speech-language pathologist. I specialize in working with kiddos ages birth to seven, specifically children with autism spectrum disorder, apraxia of speech, articulation/phonological disorders, and developmental delay. You can also follow me at https://morethanmama.weebly.com/