Face Masks:: A Farewell That Can’t Come Soon Enough


Every time I do laundry and set another face mask on top of the dryer I can’t help but think, “I can’t wait to never have to wash you again.”

Face Masks

I know we’ve hit our one-year mark of all of this. That all things COVID are becoming redundant and long past exhausting. But I should make it clear that I understand why face masks came into role during these times and the crucial need they serve. Nonetheless, the day that I never have to wear a face mask again cannot come soon enough.

Face Masks__ A Farewell That Can't Come Soon Enough Omaha MomWhat I Miss Most

I’m a social butterfly, like a full-blown extrovert. For this, I so greatly miss just the simple exchange of smiles with strangers at the grocery store. What I notice, now, is people hardly give a passing glance. The theory I have behind this is that we’ve been wearing masks long enough that our bodies and minds evolved into a state of smiles being pointless because no one can see it anyways. Am I being a bit dramatic? Probably. Then again, I could be onto something.

Talking is a Workout

I also miss being able to hold a conversation without feeling like I’ve just run a marathon. Again, social butterfly here, so I could talk to anyone, anywhere, for any extent of time. Doing so through a mask almost makes me feel out of shape because I begin to feel so out of breath from just simply talking to another person. I’m also hard of hearing, so if I wasn’t already asking people to repeat themselves often before, imagine me now.

What We’ve All Come to Know

It’s not surprised anymore how uneasy the unknown can make us feel and that’s all COVID has been, face masks included. Doesn’t make it any easier when my daughter, who starts kindergarten in the fall asks me, “Will I have to wear a mask all day?” Up until now, that hasn’t been her reality and yes, I know, kids adjusted just fine this past year. Didn’t make it any easier for me to respond with, “Unfortunately, yes, but we’ll keep praying God takes care of the virus so maybe you won’t have to all year.”

There’s no way to tell how much longer masks will have to be a part of our attire. I’m just praying hard it isn’t much longer.

Am I complaining a lot here? Yeah, that’s fair to say, but I know I’m not the only one being worn down by such a small piece of fabric. Is there a possibility that I’ll be having a mask burning party in my backyard after we get the all-clear to not wear them anymore? There absolutely is! I’ll share my address with anyone who wants to join. For now, I’ll continue to put on the happy face no one gets to see anyways and patiently wait for this glorious farewell.

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