Out of The Box Gift Ideas for Mama After The 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ Baby

Your friend is having a baby. You want to shower mama with gifts, but this isn’t her first rodeo. Whether she has 2 or 5 kids at home, there are options for the mama who has everything.

Out of the Box Gift Ideas for a New Mama and Baby

1.  Easy Cleaning Supplies

Children are messy. If the mama-to-be does not own a dust-buster, she will be eternally grateful for the gift when her tiny baby turns into a food-flinging toddler. A stand up broom so she doesn’t have to bend over is always a hit. Disposable plates, silverware, cups, and napkins eliminate the need to wash dishes. Figure out a way to make daily chores easier so she can focus on the baby.

2.  Wipes

Okay, these are definitely traditional baby shower gifts, but no mom will ever turn down wipes. A seasoned mom can clean her children and her entire house with a package of wipes. They are like gold.

3.  Massage

Prenatal massages are amazing to ease the pain of carrying a baby all day. Postpartum massages are great to ease the pain of labor and carrying the baby all day. Any mama will be ecstatic to get an hour of relaxation before or after the baby.

4.  Toiletries

I am not talking about baby lotion or baby shampoo. I am talking toiletries for mama. In those first few months after the baby is born, mama is only going to be thinking about her baby and family. She may need you to think about her. Shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, good-smelling lotions, body wash, nail polish. She is going to need some things for herself.

5.  Manicure/Pedicure/Haircut

Mama is going to need some time to feel like her old self. It can be easy to get wrapped up in being a mom. You need to let mama know that she can take care of herself too. Offer to hold the baby or watch siblings while she does.

6.  Sleepwear

Middle-of-the-night nursing is so much easier with comfortable PJs. Pajamas that allow easy access for baby and comfortable enough for mama make that 3 AM feeding a little easier.

7.  Food

Think out of the box! People tend to bring dinners a few days after the baby is born. However, breakfast and lunch are often ignored. Tell mama that you’ll bring her doughnuts or bagels. Give her a gift card to a coffee place or place that delivers for lunch. Make several freezer meals for her to stock away. Make sure she is eating more than just cereal three times a day.

8.  A Break

Volunteer to hold the baby while she showers. Take the older kiddos to the park! Volunteer to watch all of the kids while she naps.

9.  Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the hallmark of motherhood. Mama needs to know that it is okay to be comfortable. She does not have to wear her Sunday best just to be spit-up on, spit on, and puked on. She will appreciate a good pair of yoga pants when she is lounging on the couch snuggling that little miracle and running after the other kiddos. Here are some of our favorites.

10.  Coffee

And lots of it! Mama is going to be tired. Mama is going to want to sleep. She is going to be running on fumes. If you can watch the baby so mama can get some rest, give her coffee. If you really want to go out of the box, give her a nice coffee maker. Single-serve coffee makers are great for moms. There is little cleanup and she gets a fresh cup every time.

11.  Toddler Clothes/Toys/Activities

Make sure to remember those siblings. They will love new clothes or toys because you were thinking about them. Mama will appreciate anything that will hold their attention during the countless hours of nursing.

12.  Immersion Blender

There are a lot of baby food blenders on the market, but they require so much clean up. An immersion blender is a simpler answer. It requires a little cleanup and can blend anything into baby food in seconds!

13.  Batteries

That baby is going to get presents—presents that require batteries. Siblings have toys that need batteries. Mama is going to go through packages upon packages of batteries in the next several years. You may as well give her a head start.

14.  Cleaning Service

If you are feeling generous, pay for a cleaning service to come in during the first few months post-baby. Mama will appreciate the extra help keeping the house clean. Let her focus on her family and not the dust bunnies.

15.  Romantic Pre-Baby Dinner

Mama and Daddy will love a romantic pre-baby night out. You can give her a gift card to a nice restaurant. You could even offer to babysit while they go out. It is going to be a while before mama and daddy will be going out again.

What are your creative gifts for a mama that is having her 2nd, 3rd, or 4th+ baby?

I am the mom to four amazing kiddos. Isaac (2012). Eli (2013). Anna (2017). Ava (2019). I have been married to my husband Jonathan since 2009. I was born and raised in Nebraska and am a cornhusker through and through. I am also a local speech-language pathologist. I specialize in working with kiddos ages birth to seven, specifically children with autism spectrum disorder, apraxia of speech, articulation/phonological disorders, and developmental delay. You can also follow me at https://morethanmama.weebly.com/