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Thank you to Cheer Athletics Omaha for sponsoring this post and introducing us to their new facility and class offering.

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities. One such responsibility is to ensure our children are confident, independent and well rounded humans. Some of these characteristics are learned at home and at school, but there are certain characteristics children learn by being part of a team — part of a group working towards one goal. Cheerleading is one such example. 

It is more than just cheer

“Cheer Athletics strives to bring more cheer to the world and be the place that gives kids the opportunity to become their best selves through cheer.”

Not only is Cheer Athletics a leader in competitive cheerleading, but they have a passion to make all their athletes well-rounded individuals outside of the gym. 

I was fortunate enough to witness their mission in action at a team practice in June. Coaches encourage the athletes to keep trying, coaching them on what to try differently in order to nail the skill set forth. Ranging in age from 4-18 there were big smiles, loud voices, and impressive tumbling abilities. From my very limited knowledge of competitive cheerleading I was blown away by the positive energy that the kids, coaches and parents exemplified. 

Cheer Athletics is a nationally recognized name in the world of cheerleading.

Started in Plano, Texas in 1994, Cheer Athletics now has 12 locations across the United States. Omaha’s location opened this June with a temporary location in Papillion. Their impressive permanent facility is located at 14620 Gold Coast Road, STE 460, Omaha NE 68138. This new facility will host 6 tumbling floors and be equipped with all the latest equipment and classes necessary to create an elite cheerleader. 

Dedication, heart, and teamwork are a few characteristics that come to mind when thinking of Cheer Athletics. Mental health is as important as physical health, and with Cheer Athletics dedication to their athletes their mental and emotional well-being is made a priority. We all know that being a kid is hard, there is only so much emotional support we can provide as parents. Having the additional support of the coaches and teammates you find at Cheer Athletics is a bonus!

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