How to Workout at Home with Kids:: Creative Ways to Fit it in

“I’m just going to do a quick 20-minute workout while the kids play.” Two hours have gone by. You’ve broken up two fights, consoled one toddler, applied a Band-Aid, changed a poopie diaper, cleaned up a spilled drink, changed out the batteries to a toy keyboard and opened 57 fruit snack packages! How will you workout at home with kids?

workout at home with kids

Staying home with kids can make it difficult to get in much-needed workouts. We’ve adopted a very different routine these past few weeks, but it’s important for our overall health and wellness that we carve out time during the week for physical activity. Sometimes this can be done during nap time or while our spouse is home and can occupy kids, but sometimes we don’t have that luxury.

Here are some creative ways to involve kids in workouts or to integrate physical activity into your new at-home regimen.

  • Set up a play space next to where you workout (Play-Doh, crafts, coloring)
  • Have a plan A, B & C to keep them occupied when they get bored
  • Set up an obstacle course or game
  • Come up with a workout that your kids could do with you or make a kids version of your workout
  • Have them use their own “weights” or “equipment”

workout at home with kids

  • Have them help you count your reps
  • Turn on fun kids music
  • Do a kids workout with them from YouTube (Go Noodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga)
  • Go for a walk outside (take a Zip-loc bag and have them collect items from nature)
  • Go for a bike ride together
  • Jog alongside them while they ride bikes
  • Go to a running track
  • Jog with stroller or hill intervals with stroller
  • Babywear or hold the baby for weight while working out
  • Backyard or playground workout

General tips for working out at home:

  • Invest in some inexpensive equipment (5-15 lbs. dumbbells, resistance bands, jump rope, yoga mat, 15-45 lbs. kettlebells)
  • Learn some new exercises/movements (bodyweight or weighted) to provide a variety
  • Watch instructional videos on how to do new movements
  • Find an online program/videos that keep you motivated and you enjoy doing
  • Change things up when you feel like you are losing motivation
  • Have an accountability partner/s
Kim is a California native living in West Omaha. She and her husband, Ben have three kids - Levi (4), Addie (2) and Millie (3 months). They have been living in Omaha for 5 years. Kim is a former army officer and met her husband while they were both on active duty and they have been married for 9 years. She has a passion for fitness and training women of all stages of life. She is a pre/post-natal fitness specialist and runs her own business where she helps women navigate their fitness journey through classes and workshops.