Reborn Pelvic Health and Wellness with Dr. Betty DeLass

Are you tired of peeing your pants when you laugh, cough, sneeze, workout or jump? Do you wish you enjoyed being intimate with your partner without pain? Does it just not feel the same “down there” after having kids? Do you want to be able to keep up with workouts and not get sidelined by low back pain? Worry no more! Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness, LLC is here to help you!

Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness, LLC is a mobile concierge physical therapy service that will come to your home to help address ‘all the things down there.’

Get back to being YOU!

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Elizabeth (Betty) DeLass is an Orthopedic and Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. Her passion is to deliver individualized care to all women, especially during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Betty graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology-Exercise and Movement Science in 2008.
She then continued at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in 2012.
Prior to moving to Omaha, Betty worked at Northwestern Medicine in Illinois, St. Luke’s Hospital in Idaho and Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Michigan.
In her spare time she enjoys doing marathons, triathlons, and hanging out with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.
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