“Alexa, add these items to my list”:: 13 things to buy from Amazon

We have Amazon Alexa and two Echo Dots in our house—and a reliance on Amazon shopping—to make our lives easier.

During this time, when we all find ourselves at home and unable to shop in person, I thought I’d provide a list of some things our family often uses from Amazon!

I’m confident these items will not only be useful but can give you something to look forward to. Amazon Omaha mom picks

My Amazon personal picks:

Rocketbook notebook: I’d been eyeing one for a while and got one for Christmas. Not only is it handy, but the erasable pens and pages have kept my kids busy during Zoom conference calls – win-win! 

Cool it” Plate for Kids: We call this “the magic plate” in our house. We’ve had it for about three years now. My kids are crazy and need their food to be supercooled off before even considering eating it. “But I want my macaroni nowwww” sound familiar to anyone? This plate has come in extra handy as we have more and more meals together at home. Thanks, Amazon.

Fun Fort building supplies: There are tons of similar products out there, but we happen to love this set because of the reasonable price, and the pieces are not so hard to put together that my 6-year-old can’t help or do it on his own.

Skoozy Peg Board Set: We’ve had these awhile but are making up random games and different uses lately that have led to some pretty big laughs. We highly recommend it if you have littles! It would make a great Easter gift, too!

Blue Light blocking glasses: I got these for myself as a Christmas present. I LOVE them, and now as I have some additional screen time while working from home, they’ve helped. I don’t have prescription glasses or contacts, nor am I a doctor, but I’ve heard you can get this blue light blocking treatment added to your prescription lenses. 

Leggings: These are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned! And I’ve gotten multiple compliments while wearing them. Professional enough to wear to the office (once we can all go back to our offices) and also perfect for lounging. 

Meal planner book: This has helped me track recipe ideas for months now. I’m grateful to be able to look back at meals I’d forgotten I made because my brain isn’t working at full capacity right now! 

Power Strip Holder:  My husband and I had to rearrange and convert our spare bedroom into a makeshift office for our computers and workstations. This helps corral all the cords and ensure we’re set up to succeed.

Craft stickers: This kind of thing guarantees hours of entertainment for my 3-year-old. Sometimes I create crafts for her to complete while I work, but mostly she enjoys the process of peeling off the backing and sticking the shapes every which way.   

Has construction paper always cost this much? Tip from our house considering the amount of plain paper we’ve been going through—forget the more expensive printer paper, order some white construction paper. Here’s a 50 pack of white construction paper we bought for under $2! 

Other things that I’ve also been so thankful for owning lately are an excellent moisturizer and comfortable pillow. I didn’t get either from Amazon, but ladies, these are two things to splurge on in this day and age if you haven’t already! 

This next list is a few products that I don’t personally own, but look awesome.

Other cool products:

Customized cake pan:  For the parents that are maybe making our own birthday and other special occasion cakes for at-home celebrations, this could be a lovely addition to your kitchen arsenal. 

Couch coaster: Do you ever get mad when you get thirsty while watching Disney+? Then this is for you!  

Food cutter for kids: I can definitely see this improving mealtime efficiency at our house!

Don’t forget:

Even with Amazon orders, you can still support local! Especially if you’re going to place a larger order, be sure to start at smile.amazon.com. Then search for your favorite non-profit, church, private school, etc. It’s been a small percentage, but there’s still a kickback to the organization you choose. And you can feel good about your purchase! (Plus, extra justification if your husband gives you flack!:)

Lastly, if you don’t already know about Woot.com to score daily deals and discounts on Amazon products, go there now! 

Need or have other Amazon product recommendations? Let us know!

Blair Bonczynski is a wife to one, mom to two. Born and raised in the Metro area, she finds great joy in playing intramural sports, listening to a good audio book, figuring out ways to save the environment, and indulging in a craft beer every now and then. She spends her days working as the marketing and communications coordinator for the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Schools Office, and she spends her nights playing with her kids and picking up toys at home. She is constantly discovering the joy in the little things.