My Favorite Things:: Spring Edition

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I don’t know about you, but I’m itching for clean things, comfy gear, and simplifying the constant chores this spring.  I’m ever mindful of finding items that are budget-friendly and perform to high standards.

This spring’s favorite things are one for the kitchen, one for the laundry room, and one for you.

Favorite Thing For the Kitchen

One thing we happily inherited with the purchase of our home was an uber large, no-end-in-sight, kitchen sink. It’s deep. It’s black. It’s often full. In other words, it’s a singular black hole of wonderful existence. I’m not complaining one iota.

But . . .

I needed it to work for me, too. Sometimes I want to cheat, save the 5 minutes from hand drying, and let the pots and pans air-dry overnight. My mother has a 2-bowl sink, washing in one and air drying in the other. I didn’t want to air dry dishes on the counter. There are enough things trying to clutter it up, already!

My Favorite Things_ Spring Edition Omaha MomIn the hunt for my solution, my sister found the Zulay Over-the-Sink multipurpose drying rack. It’s a silicone-coated stainless steel roll-up rack that’s non-slip, non-scratch, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant up to 400 degrees. It can handle a freshly washed peck of apples, piping hot banana bread fresh out of the oven, and all the pot and pans. All. Night. Long. When done, roll it up and tuck away. Need I say more?

Favorite Thing For the Laundry Room

There are five of us, plus a geriatric cat who tends to make messes. Even without the cat, we do a lot of laundry in the house. (I say “we” because I’m not the only capable laundress in the household. Teach ‘em young!) I buy a big jug of liquid detergent. The kind with the spigot for dispensing. For something with such ingenuity – hello, a spigot to dispense detergent! – it is messy. That cup just gets gross: sticky and tacky. And it never fails, I miss the last drop from the jug which gets on the cupboard shelf, and ew. Next, I’m cleaning up the cleaning agent.

My Favorite Things_ Spring Edition Omaha MomThank you, Ms. Random Pinterest Person for introducing me to the laundry soap station. I placed my detergent jug on the elevated stand and the dispensing cup underneath the spout. Voila. Any drippy-drippy from the bottle is caught, and sludge from the cup is contained on a wipeable, plastic foot.

Favorite Thing For You

If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that every mom needs a week’s worth of leggings. A trusted pair that aren’t see-through, that fit oh-so-comfortable, and 1000%, has pockets. Search no more. Ododos High Waisted Yoga leggings with pockets. They fit true to size. Are great for working out and binge-watching. Come in both ankle and kapri lengths, perfect for the warm and chilly spring days ahead. Did I mention they have pockets? Deep enough for your phone!

The high-waist tucks everything in. The elastic waistband prevents slippage. Not to mention, the inner thighs don’t pill. And finally, the color selections are Through. The. Roof. So, brighten your spring with a new pair of leggings . . . and maybe something for the house, too.

What are some of your favorite things this spring? Share with us in the comments below.

Jennie is a native Nebraskan and aspiring writer. She’s a stay-at-home mom to three kids, two cats, a bearded dragon, and a handful of fish. When she’s not playing chauffeur, maid, cook, housekeeper, tutor, laundress, or answering to “Mom” a million times over; she hides in her writing nook and lives vicariously through her fiction characters. Jennie likes to read, take long walks, go on crazy road-trip vacations her wonderful husband plans, or simply sit on the deck with friends.