Organizing Hacks for the Busy Mom

organizing tips for busy momsI like having a neat and tidy house, but I dislike the work it requires. I have teens to help shoulder the load, but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in just about every organizing hack that comes down the pike. Here are a few ideas I want to try.

Make-up brushes and shower storage

Cosmopolitan gave me the next two suggestions for our makeup brushes and shower storage. Who couldn’t use a fresh idea for makeup brush storage?  This one is eye catching and frugal. All you need is a pretty little vase  or mug filled part way with coffee beans, or any colored stones of your choice. Drop your make-up tools, handle down, into the filler and you immediately have a unique container for your brushes. It’s a great way to make a statement and keep everything within reach.

Our shower never has enough space for all the different bottles the four of us use on a daily basis. We’ve tried the suction cup organizers — you know the ones that fall repeatedly? Ugh. We used a corner tiered shelving unit that rusted after only a few months. Ick. Here’s a remedy that is relatively inexpensive and can be changed out without much fuss. Simply hang a clear, plastic shoe organizer on the inside of your shower curtain for easy access. Cut the organizer to proper length. Poke holes at the bottom of each pocket for drainage and add your shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. Easy-peasy and out of sight of visitors.

Lego sanity

The Maven has a great tip for collecting Legos. This idea is one that is going to go into effect just as soon as my teens are out of the house visiting their dad for the summer. Both of my boys have loads upon loads of Legos. When in a hurry and clean up is a must, The Maven recommends using a clear shoe or jewelry organizer (see above) so that similar colored Legos can be easily organized. Best of all, they are less likely to get underfoot when checking on the kids at bedtime.

Wrapping paper organization

Shoe organizers seem to have a starring role in this post and Lifehacker gives us one of the reasons why. Like to camp?  You need a storage solution that rolls up for travel and hangs for prompt access to cooking tools. A shoe organizer may be just what the grill master ordered. Easily hung from a tree and you have a portable organizer for utensils, kitchen equipment, food, towels and anything else you might want to keep up off the ground and away from critters.

Don’t you hate it when your gift wrap rolls get wrinkled on the ends and lost among coats in your closet? Instead, screw a small section of wire closet shelving vertically, yes, vertically, to the side of a closet wall. Viola!  It’s easy to slide rolls in and out of the wired corral. They are stored out of the way, but they are within reach when the holidays roll around. (See what I did there, “holidays roll around . . .”) Ha!

Shower ring camis

Tired of never having enough hangers for all your beautiful tank tops and camis? Unclip a shower ring, thread each strap of the cami onto it and re-clip to the base of your hanger. Just be sure to fold each tank lightly and not to crush too many of them together, so as to not create wrinkles.

I hope this list has given you some new ideas for organizing those miscellaneous places in your home. Or, at the very least, inspired you to think of  new ways to use basic household items.

What are your secrets for a tidy home?

Jenny is a Northeast Ohio native who relocated to Council Bluffs in 2012. She is a single mom homeschooling her three teenaged children, Austin, Elliana and Jonathan. Her background is in Secondary English Education and Theatre. While homeschooling takes up a majority of her time, you may find her buried in a book, crocheting, working her home based business ( or eagerly writing YA and children's books. You can also learn more about her wonderfully ​quirky little family and her thoughts on her ever deepening faith through her blog, notes of jubilee ( where she shares the joys of everyday life as a mother and various product reviews.