Taking Cold Brew Coffee to New Heights with Elevated Aspect

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Elevated Aspect Cold Brew
Elevated Aspect

Something happened to me over the summer that I did not see happening. It was an impulse purchase at the grocery store on a hot summer day. At first, it seemed innocent, almost trivial. But my love grew the more I consumed. I naively introduced my husband to the product, not realizing our obsession would drain our supply rather quickly. Don’t worry. This was not a dangerous obsession or anything illegal…it was good ol’ innocent, mother-lovin’ cold brew coffee. 

The thing is that I thought I knew a good cold brew coffee.

I thought of myself as a sommelier of the cold brew business. That was until I was asked to review Elevated Aspect’s coffee! Holy YUM. Whether you are a cold brew aficionado (ahem, ME) or a newbie coffee explorer, you need to get your hands on a handle of this quality cafe goodness ASAP!

And please don’t be fooled! Cold brew is not just for the steamy hot days of summer like I gullibly used to believe. Oh, no, no, no, no. Cold brew coffee is for all seasons! I can tell you this because I took one sip of the pumpkin spice version, and I was sold. Let me be honest—I am not a PSL gal. It takes a lot for me to admit that because I love all things fall. I prefer to keep it out of my coffee. I was hesitant to try something out of my usual coffee zone, but the pumpkin spice version ended up being my preferred choice! It has just the right balance of flavor without being too in your face powerful. 

Elevated Aspect’s Cold Brew Coffee is No Fuss

I approached cold brew this summer because I tried to find a delicious coffee treat without all the added sugar. Easier said than done. But Elevated Aspect is just that! I enjoyed it plain, over ice most mornings, but now and then, a little splash of cream was a nice morning indulgence. Elevated Aspect is made without flavor degrading pasteurization and without preservatives, which gives you endless possibilities to customize your cold brew into a fun treat. Elevated Aspect Cold Brew

I can’t end this without telling you about their speedy delivery service and ultimate charm.

Remind you, I so innocently introduced my husband to this new love interest of mine. He had the same obsession affection for it as I and instantly started telling others about Elevated Aspect. Late one night, I saw him scanning his phone before we fell asleep. Come to find out, he too couldn’t stop thinking about that Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew, and he was ordering two more bottles. Our Pumpkin Spice was hand-delivered to our doorstep! And they say romance is dead. If you are not local to Omaha, don’t fret! Elevated Aspect offers FREE shipping on orders over $30 to anywhere in the United States. Shipped orders are packed in insulated coolers to ensure your cold brew arrives as fresh and ready to enjoy as the day it was brewed. 

What’s better than amazing, cafe-quality cold brew delivered to your doorstep?

Cafe quality cold brew from a company pledging 4% of their proceeds to local organizations benefitting children and families! We have already started thinking about who we can gift this deliciousness to this holiday season. A gift for the impossible to shop for is no longer a burden for us! Grab them a bottle of Elevated Aspect, and it’s probably best if you secure one for yourself, too.

Make sure to check out their website for special deals and new flavors!

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