Tax Season: Confessions of a CPA’s Wife

New Year’s Eve: for most people it means resolutions and celebrations. For me, it signals the start of tax season and my husband being MIA for the next three months. Every year I mentally prepare, and since we’ve had kids, the preparation not only means knowing the jobs he does around the house are now mostly my own, but it also means I don’t get breaks from the little nuggets. It is lonely taking on all of the responsibilities without a teammate, it is definitely exhausting, and sometimes very–if I’m honest–defeating. You see, I’m a SAHM to three kids under 2-years-old. One of which is only six weeks new.

Netflix Confessions

First off, the twin toddlers and I watch way too much TV right now, and I don’t even feel guilty about it. I’ve got an early childhood background and I worked in early childhood research. I know the recommendations about kids not watching TV until after two and even then, severely limiting time and shows. Yet, in this house we play Netflix movies on a daily basis, and Disney Junior is on A LOT. It’s survival, that’s all I can say. It’s going to stink to kick the habit with the girls (18 months old) come May, but that’s what I’m resigning myself to-for now it works for us.

Early to Bed

I love that I can go straight to bed after the kids are asleep and everything is cleaned up. My husband is more of a night owl and when he’s home, of course, I want to spend time with him. But, during tax season there is ZERO guilt when I crawl into bed at 8 pm (I do have a 6-week-old waking me throughout the night, so it’s not like I’m sleeping all that time anyway).

Survival Snacks

My pantry is full of M&M’s, Girl Scout cookies, Twizzlers, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. . . . and I have to confess, I sneak in there often for a treat. Pre-kids, I would spend extra time at the gym to work on my summer body; three kids later, instead of burning calories, I’m eating them. Sometimes that treat saves all of us though by giving me an extra ounce of chill power. I guess there will be time later for a summer body right?

Cabin Fever

I never understood before this year what it was like to go through a winter season with kids being cooped up. I figured moms were exaggerating the awfulness; I was wrong! I’m sorry for doubting you all! It’s some kind of sick joke that both winter and tax season coincide. We definitely experience our own version of cabin fever.

As much as I complain about how tough it is on me I can’t help but feel guilty. I’m not denying my lack of breaks, being alone, figuring out a newborn, and disciplining toddlers & tantrums, etc. aren’t hard. But, I think about how awful it must be for him to hear me complain then go to work and have to focus for 12+ hours; he’s being pulled in both directions. It takes a toll on both of us, and I know that. I also know it’s what we signed up for, but that doesn’t negate it being tough.

The Positives

I have to admit, I like that my husband isn’t around to see any packages arrive that I might have ordered online.  And, even if he gets notifications from the bank about charges, he’s too busy to worry about it or keep track of the fact that it’s the 3rd notification from Old Navy.  Even if he did think twice about it, by the time we would get a chance to talk, he’d forget.

Finally, it’s hard not to be resentful of tax season and this chosen profession because of what he’s missing out on; especially this year with a newborn.  He misses out on so many firsts, and I’m figuring it all out on my own.  Kids change so fast.  I guess as much as I complain I really shouldn’t-I still get to be here with these sweet kiddos, even though some days I’m driven nuts by those same kiddos.

As much as I despise tax season I have to remind myself-this is only temporary. In a month and a half, I will have my husband back. Huge shout out to single parents and mamas who’s partners travel often-I don’t know how you do it!

Megan was born and raised in Omaha; she tried to go "away" for college but it only took her about 2 hours west to Hastings College. After graduating and not wanting to get a "real job" she pursued graduate school at UNL and finished with a Masters in Child Development. She began working as an Early Childhood Program Evaluator and eventually met her CPA husband, Dan. In July their lives changed when they welcomed two beautiful baby girls, Mackenzie & Savannah. After more than 9 years in her professional position Megan left to stay home and currently considers her position as the "Keeper of Chaos" in the household to be the most important job she'll ever get the privilege to have. When she's not chasing after newly crawling twin babies or figuring out how this whole mom thing works, she enjoys the small things: a drink on the porch, walks with her family, roaming Target alone, candy bar lattes, and listening to audiobooks.