Water Play to Cool off this Summer!

Omaha Moms Blog is excited to partner with Little Waves Family Swim School to bring these water play ideas to our Omaha area families.

It is heating up this week! We compiled a list of ways to have fun in the water with little ones! Whether you are looking for a new way to entertain the children or for a way to cool off in the heat we have a few ideas!

water play

10 water play ideas for you to enjoy with the kids!

  1. Look no further than our detailed list of splash pads here! Splash pads are great for cooling off in the summer
  2. Paint the fence or driveway with water, sponges, paint brushes, etc. Want a fun, easy, no mess activity! Grab those paint rollers, brushes and sponges. Fill a bucket with water and let your little one paint the fence or driveway with water!
  3. Freeze critters/objects in ice cube trays. Give your kids spray bottles of warm water to get the objects out of the ice!
  4. Water beads. Need I say more? These little magic beads are so much fun for all ages! (except the ones that put everything in their mouth!)
  5. Summer sponge bombs! Super easy to make! Grab a cheap package of sponges and cut into strips and tie with string. The kids will love throwing these around!
  6. Swim lessons can be a fun activity and provide valuable skills for your children. Little Waves Family Swim School offers fun in the water all year at 90 degrees! Plus when you take lessons there, every 1st and 3rd Friday is family swim where you can all enjoy the pool together! Two years ago my 2 yr old would scream if he got water in his eyes. After a few sessions of lessons he was splashing away with no tears!
  7. Water parks are always fun! We have an indoor one, Coco Key Resort right here in Omaha! There is something for all ages in at this water resort. Plus two outdoor ones with Fun-Plex and Fremont Splash Station
  8. Wash the coop or other trucks/cars. If your kids are like mine they love to help! Let them help wash the car or if you don’t want them to do that get out the coop or wagon and let them wash it. Kids love doing the things they see us doing.water play
  9. We have some wonderful lakes and beach areas to explore really close to Omaha! Check out these locations for fun for the whole family! Two Rivers State Recreation AreaPlatte River State Park, Louisville State Recreation Center, Mahoney State Park,
  10. Pouring station for toddlers. Toddlers love to play with water. Grab a large tub and add measuring cups, liquid measurers, and bowls. Add food coloring for extra fun!

Do you have favorite ways to have fun in the water during these hot summer days? Please share in the comments!

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