4 Spots for Family Photos in Omaha

family photo locations in omahaI love family photos! There is just something about the process that gets me so excited. Finding the right photographer, coordinating the outfits, and oh, the endless possibilities when it comes to location inspire me to get creative.

Where to Take Family Photos Around Omaha

Here are 4 family-friendly locations for great photos all year long! (Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer, just a mom with a lot of experience taking and getting family pictures taken!)

Open Fields

These locations can yield successful photos from spring through fall. Gorgeous grasses make for a great backdrop, as do trees and other foliage. Throw in an old chair or couch for a little staging and voila!

Some of my personal favorites – Standing Bear Lake and Chalco Hills Recreation Area

Country Road

When I see pictures taken on a dirt road or tree-lined drive, I immediately think of summer. These photos always look so relaxed and peaceful. I love seeing photos of kids walking down a dirt road away from the camera. Adding simple props like a wagon or a fishing pole can really set the stage for a summery feel.

Some of my personal favorites – These locations can get kind of tricky. You can find an old road pretty much anywhere in the country (heading west off Maple Street toward Elkhorn, or north off 168th Street past Bennington, for example). The key is making sure the location is safe and that you are not trespassing on private property.

Unique Outdoor Spaces

Omaha has some great unique areas that offer gorgeous settings for photos: pavilions, grottoes, bridges, and water features just to name a few. In the fall, when leaves are changing colors, these places can be absolutely breathtaking options as photo locations. Not only is the photography capturing the uniqueness of the space, but also the colors and elements of fall add such a crispness that is hard to match in other seasons!

Some of my personal favorites – Elmwood Park and OPPD Arboretum

Tree Farms

What screams winter family pictures more than a good tree farm location? Dressed in your winter garb surrounded by pine trees in every direction! Keeping it natural and simple is beautiful, but you can also add fun winter props (old sleigh, blanket, and pillows) for a fun touch that really plays on the season.

Some of my personal favorites – Frosty’s Pines and Santa’s Woods

Whether you are just out shooting pics of your kids on your phone or hiring a professional photographer, these locations don’t disappoint!

Do you have a location you love that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment with your favorite place for family photos!

Jessica lives in rural Bennington and is blessed to be ‘wifey’ to her husband and ‘momma’ to her 4 great kiddos! After working nearly a decade as a nurse she has moved into her current role as a SAHM and is rocking it like a boss! Her daily grind includes, but is not limited to playing chauffer, housekeeper, chef and personal assistant. Between chicken chores, school board meetings, and keeping a plethora of kids activities strait, Jessica always maintains that she is never too busy to stop and play freeze dance with the kids. When she is able to escape from toddler diapers and preteen drama, she enjoys baking, crafting and locking herself in the bathroom for a moment of silence. Her daily mantra, “the days are long but the years are short” is key in maintaining her sanity and helping her keep calm amidst the chaos!



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