A Guide to Gluten-Free Eating In Omaha

gluten free in OmahaWhen dining out, it doesn’t take long before you learn which restaurants and fast foods your family can rely on for providing great allergy-free meals. We are lucky to have so many in the Omaha area!

Gluten-free friendly restaurants in Omaha

  1. WheatFields Eatery & Bakery Substitute any dish with a gluten-free cinnamon roll; they are huge and amazing! They also sell a limited amount of gluten-free baked goods in their bakery.
  2. Shucks Fish House This is one of the best gf menus in Omaha. They serve all their fried fish with a cornmeal batter and they also have gf hoagies for their lobster roll!
  3. Mula Mexican & Tequileria Specializing in creative Mexican food, they can make any of their menu options gf and they have a delicious dairy-free queso.
  4. The Omaha Bakery For a gluten-free birthday cake or cupcakes, this bakery in Bellevue will customize anything you need.
  5. Spaghetti Works This popular restaurant has a gf pasta option, several of their sauces are gf, and they have a gf kids’ pizza.
  6. Zio’s Pizza, Pitch Pizzeria, Mama’s Pizza Each of these local favorites offer the option of gluten free pizza crusts. Check out more of our team’s favorite gf pizza options here.
  7. Hiro 88 Satisfy your sushi cravings with the gf sushi menu as well as their Asian stir fry options.
  8. Railcar Enjoy gf prime rib on Friday and Saturday, and all week long you can try their other gf specialties like paella, baby-back ribs, or a kobe burger on a gf bun.
  9. Timber This wood fire bistro has great options you don’t usually see on a gf menu like soups and even a crab cake appetizer.
  10. Kitchen Table if you’re craving a gf breakfast menu, you can find grits and gf bread at their Central or Downtown locations.

National chains that provide great gf options:

  1. Chick-fil-a– They offer grilled nuggets, salad, and their grilled chicken sandwich can be served on a gf bun.
  2. Culvers– Get a gf bun for your cheeseburger or chicken sandwich for $1 extra.
  3. Jason’s Deli– They have a kids’ menu which includes Applegate gf chicken nuggets and sandwiches on gf bread.
  4. Noodles– There are lots of great gf pasta options here; now their macaroni and cheese is even gf! They will clean the grill for you before cooking meat to add to your pasta to prevent cross-contamination.
  5. Starbucks– Most locations carry their gf breakfast sandwich with egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese- this is one of my favorite treats!
  6. Biaggi’s– This popular Italian restaurant serves gf bread, and has an expansive gf menu containing one of my favorite dishes: Shrimp & Salmon Milanese.
  7. PF Changs– One of the first chain restaurants to pioneer a gf menu, theirs includes gf lettuce wraps, sushi, and even fried Asian dishes like General Tso’s chicken.
  8. Chipotle- Here we order their crispy corn tacos or a burrito bowl. Their staff is trained to take food allergies seriously, and they will gladly change their gloves or clean the grill if an allergy is mentioned.
  9. Great Harvest Bread- They bake gf breads several times a week and checking their online calendar will tell you what flavors they’re preparing.
  10. Papa Murphys- We do their take-and-bake pizza often, their Spinach Bacon Artichoke on gf crust is awesome!

Ask questions

Almost every restaurant you go to will provide you with gluten-free options. However, it is up to you to know the ingredients you absolutely must avoid, and that might require a conversation with the chef who is preparing your food. Many restaurants are educating their staff in serving and preparing gluten-free food and asking a few questions will give you the answers you need! It’s never been so easy to live gluten-free.

These lists aren’t conclusive for the best Omaha has to offer in the realm of gluten-free, what other suggestions do you have?