To introduce myself officially I want to tell you a little story about a gal I “know.”

 She is a 37-year-old woman who is happy with life. 

She has two amazing daughters: Taylor Mae who is 6 and Charlotte who is 4 years old. They’re done with diapers, nearly done with day care (cue the music and dollar bills being thrown in the air) and starting to hit that sweet spot of being independent and fun. 

She has a hot husband who still kisses her and makes her feel beautiful (even though she’s usually wearing yoga pants or scrubs). Their marriage is based on communication and equality, allowing each other to pursue individual passions without neglecting the family. They also maintain a healthy sex life. She feels very lucky to still have all of this.

She loves her jobs. She teaches Pure Barre in West Omaha with an AMAZING group of ladies.  They embrace being strong women.  She’s fit, feels good, and actually has ab muscles.  Recently she started her dream job at Madonna Rehab Hospital working as a Recreation Therapist.  She gets to help people and make a difference and every day.

She has friends, lots of friends!  Friends she doesn’t take for granted, friends she wants to spend time with. Mom friends, work friends, workout friends, and single friends. She makes time for them and for Happy Hours!

If anything, she stays very BUSY! Weekends are for activities with the kids and she enjoys spending time with them.  She is a master at finding things to do with them in Omaha, which has so much to offer. She will not sit at home all weekend.

Life is pretty good for this gal. She and the hubs can see the light at the end of the tunnel and their goal of sitting by the pool drinking cocktails while the kids play in the water is turning into a reality. Vacations are getting really fun and easier, and she’s starting to have a good idea of what the next 5+ years are going to look like.

Did she want to have any more kids? Sure, maybe, she and the husband wouldn’t mind having a boy but life is so good with two girls; it doesn’t make sense to rock the boat and neither of them is getting younger.

Fast forward to July 2017 at the doctor’s office after she missed a period. 

There’s no way this is happening, right?  She’s been on birth control.  They’ve thrown out the diaper genies and have given away baby cribs and clothes.  Her husband has even scheduled an appointment to see a vasectomy doctor. 

Imagine her face when she looks up at the screen and sees arms, legs, a head, and a heartbeat.  And the next bit of news would truly shock her. “You are already out of your first trimester.” Say whaaaaat?  Her first words are “SHUT UP (with maybe a curse word included…).” 

How will her husband react when she calls him and tells him she is three months pregnant (and didn’t know it)?  How will the girls take this?  Will they finally get a boy?  How will they pay for this?

And more importantly…How many glasses of Pinot Grigio did she have last night?

How is MY life going to change?

Has your family experienced unexpected changes like these? Let us know!


Originally from the South, Brooke is mom to 3 sassy girls: Taylor Mae (6), Charlotte (4), Blair (3 months), and wife to Michael. She also spent 10+ years living in Chicago and New York City before moving to West Omaha 5 years ago. She works as a Recreation Therapist at Madonna Rehab Hospital and also as a Barre Instructor at Pure Barre West Omaha. Brookes passions include her 3 girls, coffee, wine, yoga pants, and keeping it real. She hopes to bring a fun, flirty, sassy, outlook to Motherhood.