More Than An Accountability Partner:: Sweat, Marriage, and Working Out

marriage and working out
Sweaty, flexing, fitness fun (and a cute Bulldog butt)

I’m sure you’ve seen it before; “couples who workout together, stay together” usually tagged onto a hilarious video or an insane workout with couples using each other as weights and doing moves that hurt you just watching. I can’t say that working out together is the foundation of our relationship success (though, I know it helps), but I can say how extremely fortunate I am that my number one workout buddy also happens to be my husband.

Consistency and Working Out

It’s been a little over three years that I’ve committed to the consistency of working out on a regular schedule. I actually started on my own because I chose the at-home workout route and my husband wasn’t quite ready to buy into the effectiveness. He enjoyed the gym sessions and I did/do, too. Have two kids and moving just didn’t help make ideal to our lifestyle anymore. So I decided to try something new and after he’d start seeing my results, my husband would, too!

Working Out with Me

After six months of seeing me dripping sweat on our dining room floor and shed the weight from having a baby and the stress of a cross country move, my husband jumped on board and started working out at home with me. Well, not with me with me. When he committed we would work out about the same time every day but each doing a different program in a different part of the house. That all changed when a new program launched that got us both excited. Now, my husband and I have been working out, side by side, almost every single day for over two years.


Our Marriage and Working Out Side by Side

Most women would agree that they loved getting compliments from their spouses. My favorite compliments from my husband come at a time when I am a wet, sweaty mess, with hair in disarray, and with almost no breath left to tell him “thank you.” It’s when he’s telling me I did a great job pushing to the end even though he knows I probably didn’t want to. When he noticed that I lifted heavier or did more push-ups on my toes than I did on my knees. Working out with him is the best because he is my encouragement and motivation.

He’s also hilarious!

Let’s be real, not every workout is sunshine and butterflies. Depending on the program we are doing it can get H A R D and he’s always lightening the blow by saying something silly, doing something goofy, or making fun of the ridiculous sounds that I make on occasion during a tough set. Does it throw me off my A-game for a minute? It sure does, but it keeps every day interesting and they say that’s good for marriage, ya know?

working out and marriage
We often share mutual feelings towards the workouts (and yes, our dogs love to be around when we exercise).

I definitely believe that workout buddies/accountability partners are crucial to keeping momentum and developing a consistent routine. I’m grateful to get to live with mine. Beyond the compliments and comedy, my husband really does push me to be my best when we’re working out and even better he does so outside of our sweat sessions. So we are the cliche “couples who work out together stay together I’m more than happy to keep it that way.

Brittanee Guenin
Brittanee was born in Denver, CO and moved to North Platte, NE when she was seven. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2013 and after graduating from UNK in 2014 she moved to Washington where her husband was stationed with the Navy. There, they would have their first daughter before moving to South Carolina where their second daughter would be born. In May of 2020 after her husband's contract with the Navy was up, her and her family happily moved back to their home state and made roots in Omaha where they couldn't be more grateful to be. Brittanee enjoys all things family, reading, spending time outdoors, working with kids, being artsy fartsy, and is honored with the privilege to write for Omaha Mom. She's always down for lazy days on the couch watching movies or binging a good show.