Spouse’s Day:: Creative Ways to Show You Love Them

If you’re feeling sad that the holidays are now over, don’t fear! You can now add Spouse’s Day to your winter holiday celebrations. Spouse’s Day, observed on January 26, is a non-gift giving holiday. It is a day to celebrate and remember all of the things that your spouse does.  Showing your spouse gratitude can deepen your relationship and even add some extra spark during the long winter months. Here are 10 creative ways to show your appreciation!

Recreate your first date together and see how long it takes before they catch on

Is there anything more special than remembering how it all began? I love looking back to see how far my husband and I have come in our relationship. It makes me appreciate where we are now. Recreating your first date can help you and your spouse realize how far you’ve come together and how grateful you are for each other.

Make a card from scratch and express your gratitude for them

Notes of appreciation are always special, but when you take the time to make the card yourself, it adds a special touch. Your spouse won’t mind how talented your artwork is, what they will appreciate is the time you took to make it.

Cook (or order) their favorite meal for them

Everyone has a favorite food. Just smelling that food can brighten up the day! Show your spouse that you appreciate them by giving them their favorite meal, not just what was already planned that day.

Do their typical household responsibilities for them

I feel so grateful when my husband comes in from work and immediately starts helping with my household chores so that we can spend time together later. It makes me feel appreciated: first, because he did something for me, and then again when we get to spend extra time together because he did it. For me, this is the ultimate gift.

Pick a book out together and then read it out loud to each other

Compare your book lists and pick a book that appeals to both of you! After your kids are in bed, snuggle up and take turns reading to each other. 

Rent their favorite childhood movie, pop some popcorn and cuddle while you watch it

Even if it’s something you’d rather not watch (in my case, I would pick the 4 hours of Lawrence of Arabia to spare myself the 12 hours of the Lord of the Rings trilogy), it will mean so much to your spouse that you’re doing something that brings back fond memories for them.

Study up on their favorite hobby so you can talk about it with them

I’ve learned a lot about Pokemon, Zelda, Star Wars, the Seattle Seahawks, and have read more Economist articles than I can count since I married my spouse. It’s knowledge I never thought I’d need, but I know it means a lot to him when I can talk about it. 

Make a playlist of your favorite songs

Think back to the first mix CD that you got in middle school and remember how giddy it made you feel. Playlists are the new mixed CDs. Find your favorite songs, the songs that remind you of your spouse, or just some funky tunes to share with your spouse.

Grab your spouse’s favorite snack and hide it in the pantry for them

Next time you’re at the grocery store throw a pack (or two) of your spouse’s favorite snack into the cart and save it for them. You’ll get points for knowing their favorite snack and also for having it on hand.

Ask them “What can I do for you today?” and then do it!

This one is so simple, but can have such a profound effect on your spouse. Ask them what you can do for them and then just do it. A lot of showing gratitude for your spouse is showing them that you “see” them and that you care about them. By asking “What can I do for you today?” you are doing both of those things.