Easy Breakfast Ideas for School Days

school breakfast
It’s that time again, back to school. Even though I am a morning person, I personally have never had a good breakfast routine. I wake up and want to get straight into work. I don’t want to waste my most motivational time meal prepping.

7 easy back-to-school easy breakfasts

Eggs and Toast Easy Breakfast

Eggs and Toast

Easy peasy right? Toast in the toaster while the eggs are cooking up. This protein-packed breakfast is by far one of the fastest to put together.


Burritos do take a little bit more prep but they make the mornings so easy! I make a bulk of sausage burritos following the Just Make Stuff recipe and put some in the freezer and others right into the fridge. They are easy to grab and pop in the microwave in the AM.

Sausage, Sweet Potato and Brussel Sprout Hash Leftover Easy Breakfast

Not going to lie, this is one of our all-time favorite dinner recipes that we double up on and then pack into containers for a great leftover easy breakfast that is just as delicious the next day. You can grab the recipe here from the Paleo Running Momma. Hot tip: add some Cholula for a hot kick


One thing that is always in our fridge is greek yogurt and fruit. Sometimes we will treat ourselves to those Chobani Flips, but most of the time we grab a cup of yogurt and throw in some honey or berries for a great breakfast.

Ham and Cheese Egg Muffins

Another that takes some prep at the beginning of the week, but, my goodness, they make the morning delicious. Here is a recipe from the Tasty Marshmellow that I suggest.

Smoothies Easy Breakfast Smoothie

I am a smoothie queen ever since I listened to Be Well By Kelly Leveque’s audiobook. I have been hooked on her approach to eating healthy by watching my sugar intakes—especially when it comes to smoothies. These recipes are my favorite meals of the day sometimes I’ll have it for lunch too! The picture above is the Acai Green smoothie topped with blueberries, blackberries, granola and chia seeds.

Hummus Toast

I think this is one that is always forgotten about. Hummus on toast is the bee’s knees! I make a batch of hummus at the beginning of the week and use it on toast or veggies throughout the week.

What’s your go-to easy breakfast idea?