The Priceless Lesson a Preschool Mom Learned

With back-to-school season approaching, I was reminded of my most embarrassing preschool drop off moment to date…

I backed into a fellow preschool mom’s minivan after dropping off my daughter at school one February morning. I was absolutely mortified getting out of my vehicle to face her. While I uttered out that I was so sorry, what also came out of my fat, babbling mouth was that I was distracted thinking about Chick-Fil-A minis for breakfast, and I was relying on my backup camera to beep at me. After all, it was Valentine’s Day and mama had to treat herself!

Preschool drop-off lesson

Note to self:

Do not ever rely on your vehicle “safety features” that were the reason you just had to have that specific car. It was a good thing I didn’t continue to word vomit, or I would have told the fellow preschool mom that I wasn’t even wearing a bra. She didn’t know that though, because I had my North Face parka on and it was completely zipped up to my chin.

Let’s be honest, who wakes up that early to put a bra on to drop off your kids to preschool in the middle of winter?

Summer…sure, but winter…nah. No one thinks to themselves as they are rushing out the door before the sunrise, with school lunches packed and breakfast in hand that they are going to back into another vehicle, and then actually must be among the living! Lesson learned! The other mom felt bad for me and gave me a hug, but I’m pretty sure she thought:

“Was she really thinking about Chick-Fil-A?!”

I was living my best life with day two, okay. . . maybe day three of dry shampooed hair. I was dressed in all black with a camo hat, huge sunglasses on, and no makeup. It was my plan to avoid the other mom from pure humiliation at all costs for weeks as if I had a contagious disease that I could pass onto her from across the parking lot.

Amazing Safety Features

Two months later, I traded my car in and when the dealership was informing me of the “amazing safety features” regarding the vehicle I was interested in, I learned that the new vehicle has seats that vibrate when you get too close to another car or while veering off the side of the road. I laughed and thought to myself, “ Rrriiiggghhht . . . that worked out so well for me last time.”

If you must know, yes, I did buy the car with the highest level of safety features, again. Oh, and I never made it to Chick-Fil-A in time for breakfast on Valentine’s Day. I did however, end up there that evening with my daughter along with half of Papillion. If you think this popular chicken establishment is busy on a Saturday for lunch, you should definitely make your romantic Valentine’s Day plans there along with your kids next year!

The Lesson

I know this is just the first of many memorable preschool parent moments and lessons that I will forever have ingrained in my memory. Let’s just say that since that fine February morning, I always ensure that I am wearing a bra and look alive when I head out the door for preschool drop off. When the day arrives that we graduate to elementary school, I likely will never be the parent who looks forward to being able to just wear pajamas at drop off because I won’t have to get out of the car and can just watch my daughter walk into school.

Choose your school drop off fashion wisely moms, just in case you end up thinking about Chick-Fil-A yourself!

Meg is originally from Wichita, Kansas. Go Shockers! She found her passion of real estate management at an early age and has been in the industry for 12 years. Meg is a boss babe, owning her own management firm since 2014. When she isn’t busy running circles around her daughter Norah (2), traveling for work, or accessorizing her outfits, you can find her at Target (almost daily). In her free time she enjoys a scrumptious weekend brunch on a patio, yoga, scouring TJ Maxx for frugal finds, and personal development. Meg is passionate about her family, friends, Nebraska football, while loving and growing her mom tribe.


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