Easter Printable Activities that Foster Memories

I love Easter.

There’s just something so wonderful about new beginnings and new seasons (oh and lots of sunshine) that I just simply love about this lovely holiday.

But you know what I don’t love about Easter?

Candy by the buckets that will never get eaten.
Trinkets that break upon opening. 
Things that will be thrown away or forgotten in a span of minutes.

These are what I call the “unsavory” items of any holiday. There’s always those things that you end up buying from the dollar store or even the dollar section at Target and you know that they’ll just be forgotten. And you tell yourself, “Self, this is the last time!” And yet…

But I remember, a couple years ago, we participated in a minimal treat Easter egg hunt at the Council Bluffs Library. I was all in. The crazy thing was that my kids were too; they still remember this! And that was when I decided to take back Easter activities…for the sake of memories!

Easter Egg Matching
Well, some treats are okay!

Memories, not an Easter Sugar High

What my children remembered most about the activity we did with the library was that I got to help them and play with them. As we scoured the library’s conference room for their matching egg, they held my hand and excitedly pointed out each and every egg to see if it was theirs. By the end of it, they didn’t really care for the fake tattoos they got at the end—they just cared that I was there with them. They happily traded in their hard work for something rewarding in the end, but in all actuality, they simply wanted to share their time with me. It was precious…and I wouldn’t trade that beautiful gift for anything in the world.

Easter Egg Activities

Because it was such a great experience, I wanted to share what we did. Print these out! Have fun with it! And, if you’re crazy about laminators like me, laminate these to keep them year after year. Or, for a sustainable option, print them on recyclable paper and recycle your activities after you’re done. At the end of it, I hope you’ve made some fun new memories with your kids. After all, they only do Easter egg activities for a short amount of time.

**Click Graphics for the Free Printables**

Easter Egg Matching Game

This is the activity we did at the library. Print out two copies of both sheets or two copies of one sheet. This activity encourages hand-eye coordination, visual memory, the ability to see similarities and differences in objects (a mathematical skill), and attention to detail. Your kids will be learning AND having fun. Once your child finds their assigned eggs, they can turn them into you so they can redeem a bigger prize if you still want to give a gift. Most importantly, make sure you get to join on the fun by helping the younger ones or even compete with your older kids to see if they find their eggs faster.


Easter Egg Puzzles

I love puzzles. And puzzles are wonderful educational tools! They not only improve hand-eye coordination, but also improve fine motor skills and problem solving—all wonderful things for developing little minds! This isn’t just for toddlers; make sure you have enough puzzles for you and your older child to make a puzzle race! The winner and loser can celebrate over some Easter candy (or maybe just a good laugh). In either case, this is a surefire way to create some smiles, some giggles, and some lovely memories.

Easter Egg Puzzles

How are you creating new Easter memories with your kids?

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Neidy (pronounced "nay-dee") is a native Georgia girl, but moved to Omaha in 2012 and hasn't looked back. She lives in East Council Bluffs with her husband Zach, her sons Charlie and Eddie, and her daughter Tegan. Neidy met her husband while in college and married him while he was still serving active duty in the Marine Corps. After a brief stint living in San Diego, they decided to move back to her husband's native home in Omaha. Neidy finished her degree at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, pursuing Film Studies, which has cemented her love of Omaha. She's now a homeschooling mom and works at her church as the children's ministry site manager. She also loves a great cup of coffee, exploring various locally-based restaurants, indie movies, experimenting with new recipes, finding new ways to teach her children, and cheering on the Huskers.