National Pi Day:: Let Them Eat Pie!

Pie for Pi Day

I know what you’re thinking. “Have an original idea, Audra.” But seriously, what better day is there than National Pi Day to eat pie??? (Other than National Pie Day, of course.) I could eat it all day–strawberry pie, apple pie, chicken pot pie, sweet potato pie, Shepherd’s pie, Chess pie, peanut butter pie, Derby pie… I really like pie. Why, I even had a child on National Pi Day! (Happy Birthday, Aidan!)

I think we should all stop and make (or at least eat) pie today. Below, you’ll find a couple of my favorite pie recipes to help you celebrate! If you don’t feel like baking, stop and pick up a pie from one of these great local bakeries: WheatFields Eatery & Bakery, Harold’s Koffee House, or the closest Village Inn. OR… go really easy on yourself and order a pizza pie! 

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