Teach Your Child to be Funny

I have two boys; one is naturally funny. He doesn’t even try to be. He just is.

My other son is not funny at all, not in the least, but he has learned how to be funny.

Raising funny, witty, and spontaneous kids is so important to me. Making people laugh is a lifetime gift that’s appreciated beyond your childhood.

Here’s how you can teach your child to be funny:

Physical Humor

We’ve all had our toddlers proclaim that they are stuck in a couch cushion in an attempt to make us laugh. At a very young age, kids learn physical humor transcends language. Physical humor is also a direct example of cause and effect or action and reaction. When they get stuck, we laugh. When they bonk their head, their little sister laughs, so they do it again and again. The easiest way to incorporate physical humor is in your storytelling. Have your kids tell a story but have them add sound effects (huffing and puffing, for example). Have them use their body to exaggerate or explain the story (how big was the fish they caught, how sore was their leg).

Teach Your Child to be Funny Omaha MomJokes

Coach them on timing and delivery. A perfectly timed joke or story will evoke belly laughs. Whereas a joke without the much-needed pause before the punchline will fall short. Memorizing jokes is a great alternative for the kid who is not naturally funny.


Being creative without preparation is the talent of a superhero. Improvisation is the combination of physical humor, jokes, puns, impersonations, and performance art. Simple ways to encourage improvisation are to mute the cartoon and have your kids improvise the storyline. The sillier the characters are, the better. For older kids, try to replicate some of the classic TV show, Whose Line is it Anyway games.


Good humor doesn’t tear down—it builds up. It takes more creativity, wit, and intelligence to be funny and kind at the same time. Stick with impersonations of fictional characters or grandpa’s silly sayings. Keeping it honest and wholesome, and you won’t run the risk of being offensive.

Teach Your Child to be Funny Omaha MomBe a Funny Mom

The best way to encourage humor in your kids is to be funny yourself! When the opportunity presents itself, make them laugh. Do something uncharacteristic or spontaneous.

I promise you there will be giggles.

How do you approach humor in your family? Are your kids funny? Share with us in the comments below.

Becka is an Iowa native who moved to Omaha in June 2015. She is one half of a higher education couple, a mom to identical twin boys (Avery and Elliot 2014) and two sassy wiener dogs (Nora and Knox). Becka enjoys the craziness of twins and the unpredictability of each day. Even with three degrees, most recently a doctorate in higher education, she continues to find herself googling things like “pachycephalosaurus + herbivore” or “excavator vs digger.” With two very energetic and curious preschoolers at home Becka enjoys the peacefulness of her daily commute to Lincoln where she is a coordinator in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy. Becka loves being outdoors in her garden, on the lake with her family, or sitting on the patio with a friend. Her kryptonite is diet coke, peanut m&m’s and a kid free Target trip.


  1. Very good. I am one of those people who doe not have much of sense of humor or even a quick wit.. I love watching how you are raising your children.

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