The ability to voice our opinions on the internet is a double-edged sword. With infinite topics and conversations, people find themselves engaged in great battles of words and wits.
I was so fortunate to get a chance to work out at Well Mama—a very fun, energetic, welcoming community of women and moms who are working out and feeling better. 
There is no such thing as a perfect human being. I would even wager that for a human, being flawed is a requirement. Admitting that fact is a stepping stone to actively attempting to recognize and eliminate the flaws...
Legacy: a thing handed down by a predecessor.  I have come to terms with my Facebook account (among other social media entities) being a part of my legacy.
My babies are ONE YEAR OLD!!!  That means we all survived!!!  How, I'm honestly not sure, but I decided to sit down and reflect on my first year of motherhood.
If you are around kids in any capacity, you know there are toys of the moment that better not be lost, forgotten at Grandma’s, or broken, otherwise an apocalyptic type situation will explode in your household.
As a parent and a teacher, I have a pretty good view of both sides.  If teachers hold the standard high for students, parents hold the standards even higher for teachers.
There, I said it. My number one goal this summer was to have some fun without my kid. I love her to pieces, but let's get real; Moms just wanna have fun too!!!
The ability to swim will give my children the joy of water sports, as well as a skill that could save their life. Because of the joy and safety that it could bring them, I always considered swimming an important life skill for my children to develop.
As a working mother I can count on one hand, oh wait… two fingers, how often I have spent an entire work-free week with my children. Two times a year-yes you read that correctly!

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