Breastfeeding Wardrobe Must-Haves

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a fashionista–I take pride in dressing for the occasion, whether that be a holiday, a wedding, a themed party, or just looking good for date nights. Well, my fashion sense has evolved since I’ve become a mama. I still try to look put together (okay, not always at home, but when we’re going out), but I also dress practically; my fashion sense is SENSIBLE.

New wardrobe

My days of high heels are at bay because the thought of tripping while holding a baby terrifies me. If it’s hot, I’m dressing in a tank even though I’m not proud of these strong, yet untoned arms that carry munchkins around all day; and currently, I’m nursing which throws a whole new monkey wrench into outfits. I mean, I knew I needed a maternity wardrobe and my wardrobe from working mom to stay at home mom came about as I figured out my new world. But, I had no idea I’d need a “ready to whip out a boob at any time to feed the baby” wardrobe.

I’m still figuring it out, so I’m in no way an expert, but below are a few of my go-to’s . . . .

Breastfeeding must-haves

  1. Nursing tanks: duh, a no brainer right? They’re comfy and so great for the two shirt method (nursing tank under a T-shirt so you can pull the top shirt up and not have to be showing your belly while feeding baby). That two shirt method has also saved me some comfort because–with it– I feel fairly well covered.2. At least 1 “real” nursing bra: As much as I love the nursing tanks there are times I need a little lift and separation-I’ve never been a big fan of the uni-boob look. Plus, sometimes I feel like I’m just a food source, so putting on this nice bra under a top to go out makes me feel human again.
  2. Old Navy High Waisted Yoga Pants: the two shirt method is awesome, buuuuut when it’s 95 degrees out and I know I’m going to have a small human attached, the last thing I want is extra layers. If I wear these pants I still don’t have to show of my sweet mummy tummy when I lift my shirt to feed.
    4. Motherhood Maternity’s Bounceback Collection: #bouncebackiswhereitsat! I cant say how much I’ve loved the two pairs of pants I’ve gotten from this line. They cover your tummy so no two shirt method is required AND they’ve got tummy control so even if it doesn’t actually make me look any smaller, I feel better. And THAT, is worth way more than I spent on those pants! 
    5. Latched Mama Apparel: I always saw advertisements for this company, but I’m also always hesitant to buy from unfamiliar companies due to sizing being uncertain. I took a leap (and possibly spent a little more than I anticipated) and bought some shirts and dresses from here. Let me tell you-they’re so wonderful! Good quality, a variety of styles and colors, and they have the staples you need. I bought three colors of one shirt because they are so versatile. And, the fact that I can wear dresses while nursing is huge! I prefer them in the summer, and when I realized that while breastfeeding I basically couldn’t wear a dress unless I wanted to get naked to feed Cole, I was so sad! This solved my problem! I also loved that the website gives descriptions of how things fit. They know their stuff!   
    6. Covered Goods Nursing Covers: I probably could’ve put this first and it would’ve solved any wardrobe issues. I was given one as a gift when I first found out I was pregnant with the girls. It was used with them more often as a car seat cover, but now it’s been used as a nursing cover at restaurants, and at the zoo. Cute designs, easy to use, and nothing shows. There are tons of varieties other than this specific company/brand but I’m a huge fan so I couldn’t resist the shout out. My problem is that when I leave the house with all three of my little nuggets I’m already carrying so much I don’t always remember this-hence my dressing for the occasion & usually dressing so I could be discreet without the cover. 

Help me find a few more pieces for my wardrobe–what are your breastfeeding go-tos?!

Megan was born and raised in Omaha; she tried to go "away" for college but it only took her about 2 hours west to Hastings College. After graduating and not wanting to get a "real job" she pursued graduate school at UNL and finished with a Masters in Child Development. She began working as an Early Childhood Program Evaluator and eventually met her CPA husband, Dan. In July their lives changed when they welcomed two beautiful baby girls, Mackenzie & Savannah. After more than 9 years in her professional position Megan left to stay home and currently considers her position as the "Keeper of Chaos" in the household to be the most important job she'll ever get the privilege to have. When she's not chasing after newly crawling twin babies or figuring out how this whole mom thing works, she enjoys the small things: a drink on the porch, walks with her family, roaming Target alone, candy bar lattes, and listening to audiobooks.