Omaha native, Kendra Karbowski, is a comedian and cofounder of Yer Mom’s Comedy Show. Her goal is “Keeping parents sane one punchline at a time.” A degree from UNO in Community Health Education, led to coordinating a Maternal Child Health Task Force at the Douglas County Health Department. Later Kendra combined her health education experience with comedy to create “Learn to Laugh at Life”, a stress and humor workshop. Having worn many hats in the mom arena: new mom, special needs mom, divorced mom, stepmom, and now grand mom, Kendra is ready share her adventures through Omaha Moms Blog. She has a delightful blended family consisting of: husband 2.0, Chuck; sons, Aaron-24 and Kevin- 27 with grandson, Jax-5. In addition Chloe-11, Kate-3, Oliver-2 and Chelsea-1, their fur kids, complete the family! Happily married for 20 years, she's survived care-giving of both children and her parents, exes, and visitations, living with the challenges of ADD, and a puppy that ate the internet!
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10 Ways to Keep the Sizzle in Your Marriage

My husband and I were getting snappy with each other, never a good sign. I ran through the possible reasons in my head: Tired? Always. Ill? Nope. Hungry? Sort of. Wait, that’s not hunger...

Zombies: A Great Way to Connect with Your Teen

Most Teenagers want nothing to do with their parents, so I was surprised in 2009 when our fifteen-year-old son, Aaron, asked us if we would go with him somewhere. “It’s in a bar so...

Salty Sweet Cookies of Love, Patience, and Priorities

  My mom taught me many important lessons. The most important one I learned when I was only four years old. As a very strong-willed child when I wanted something, it could be very difficult...

Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Kendra

Omaha What says Omahan more-growing up behind Big Fred’s Pizza or my dad rescuing Johnny Carson from a ditch? Rosenblatt Stadium and Henry Doorly Zoo were fixtures of my childhood. When it came time for...