gluten free in Omaha

A Guide to Gluten-Free Eating In Omaha

When dining out, it doesn’t take long before you learn which restaurants and fast foods your family can rely on for providing great allergy-free meals. We are lucky to have so many in the...

The Hoarder and The Minimalist: A Modern Love Story

My grandma was a hoarder of the best kind. She printed and saved every photograph she ever took, her dressers were covered with seashells she gathered, and she had a hallway closet dedicated to pasta she bought at the dollar store.

Five Tips Before For Your Next Move

We have moved to five different houses and three different cities in the last eight years. I am no moving expert--and the irony is--I’m probably one of the least organized people you’ll ever meet,...

Top 10 Things to Know About a Large Family

Someone asked me recently if I had always wanted a big family. I quickly answered, "Yes!" I wasn't raised in a large family, but growing up, I baby-sat for several families with four or more...

Secrets to Surviving with A Spouse That Travels for Work

I knew when I married my husband that his job as a bridge-builder required a lot of him. But knowing that I have a spouse that travels for work and living it are two...

10 Days of Simple: Helping Your Family Have a Less Materialistic Christmas

Since my own heart bends toward MORE, MORE, MORE I decided to ask around and glean some ideas from others and share my own on how to have a less materialistic Christmas.

Omaha Moms Blog :: Introducing Ally

Two years ago our family moved 25 miles north of Omaha, to Missouri Valley, for my husband Mike’s job. He commutes between Council Bluffs, Omaha, and Sioux City doing bridge and heavy highway construction (sorry about those road delays around I-80!). We love being part of the greater Omaha area and the ways both big and small communities have embraced us.