Neidy (pronounced "nay-dee") is a native Georgia girl, but moved to Omaha in 2012 and hasn't looked back. She lives in East Council Bluffs with her husband Zach, her sons Charlie and Eddie, and her daughter Tegan. Neidy met her husband while in college and married him while he was still serving active duty in the Marine Corps. After a brief stint living in San Diego, they decided to move back to her husband's native home in Omaha. Neidy finished her degree at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, pursuing Film Studies, which has cemented her love of Omaha. She's now a homeschooling mom and works at her church as the children's ministry site manager. She also loves a great cup of coffee, exploring various locally-based restaurants, indie movies, experimenting with new recipes, finding new ways to teach her children, and cheering on the Huskers.
fright free halloween in omaha

5 Fright-Free Halloween Alternatives in Omaha

As October rolls around, you can’t escape Halloween! From giant spider displays at Costco to the endless advertisements for haunted houses, it seems like Halloween is ALWAYS spooky. But for families with little ghouls...

Britney Spears + the American Mom-Shaming Culture

It seems like we keep learning new vocabulary words. Replacing pandemic and social distancing, we discovered a new one: conservatorship. My social media feed and conversations with friends and co-workers all used this word alongside...

The One Where My Husband was a Part of a Vaccine Trial

My husband is the type of guy who’s ready to give you the coat off of his back. As it turns out, he’s also the type of guy who wants to be a living...

A Giving Tuesday Guide:: Omaha Mom NonProfit Favorites 2020

Nebraska, particularly Omaha, is known for "nice," generosity, and overall brotherly love. In this particular year, we've all been put through the wringer. Now is the time for us to show off our Nebraska...

Bake a Rainbow Cake:: Amirah Kassem’s Book for Crumb-Catchers

I call my toddler a crumb-catcher. Wherever he goes, he somehow manages to spark one tornado of a mess to the other. As a third born, though, he has a severe case of FOMO…especially when...

Little Women Film Review: Women that aren’t poets, but much more.

I am no poet. I am a woman. This line fully captures the essence of Little Women. If you want the too long didn’t read version of this review, my thought is this: go see it!...

Easter Printable Activities that Foster Memories

I love Easter. There’s just something so wonderful about new beginnings and new seasons (oh and lots of sunshine) that I just simply love about this lovely holiday. But you know what I don’t love about...
Homeschool Room

Homeschool Room Makeover: Lessons, Tips, and More!

It feels like this time of year gets stagnant when it comes to doing anything related to homeschool.  Indoor activities, repeating the same routine, or even working on the same old thing just seems to...

Weird Love: 4 Things I Love About My Husband

I am in love with love.  As much as I love cerebral indie movies, my favorite ones will always be the ones where girl-next-door gets guy, the girl has a falling out, but then girl...
Imana Kids

Imana Kids {Non Profit Feature}

Omaha! Somewhere in the middle of America! I’m not sure if you’ve ever been out of town when someone’s asked you where you live and they blurt out this catchy little lyric from the Counting...