How to Create the Home Office of your Dreams

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In the last year, we as a society have clocked more hours at home than we probably ever have before in history.

Along with feeling chained to the house, many of us have also been working from home. Call it a blessing or a curse–working from home presents its own set of challenges. Not having a commute to the office has some major perks, but recent studies show that our commute time was simply transitioned into working more. Bummer!

With all of these extra stressors, multiple family members working from home making your space feel like it’s coming in on you, and caring for children all at once, your home that was once your sanctuary has now transformed into one super scary, laundry-filled, mess of a workspace. Am I right?

Now, before you spin off the handle and start binging on Netflix, keep reading. We’re here to help you make your space a sanctuary again. Get these 5 top tips to transform your home office into a space you love, and to regain the footing on that oh-so-sweet sanctuary you once called home.

How to Create the Home Office of your Dreams Omaha MomBuckle up, you’re in for a real treat with these action steps you can take today to regain control of your space!

1. Pick a space away from the main hub of your home.

Since so many of us have been working from home, it’s crucial to find a space where you can totally tune into work, and then totally unplug from it, too. The separation is key! Choose a place that is tucked away from where you relax at home. And, maybe most importantly, keep that office out of your bedroom. It messes with your sleep and relaxation in more ways than one.

2. Natural light is a major plus.

Let the light in. It’s great for your mood, helps you be more productive, and makes it not so terrible to tackle all of your work for the day. Hello, sunshine! Hello, new fresh perspective.

3. Make it cozy.

Add in some soft touches to make your office truly your own. Whether you have a dedicated office in your home, or a makeshift corner, making it comfortable makes all the difference. Get a nice, comfortable chair, with a back supporting pillow. If you prefer to stand, score one of those cushy standing mats to make your work a breeze and set the temp to just where you feel most comfortable. When you feel your best, you work best, after all.

4. Give it personal touches.

Add pictures of your kids, your pets, some cute décor to your office. Make it your own, with your personal style at the forefront. Add in some lighting, some natural textures, and pump some essential oils to improve your productivity and make the space feel truly your own. These are our personal favorites!

5. Keep it clean.

If your desk is a mess, it’s all too likely that your thoughts and work are likely a bit untidy, too. So, clean it up! There are so many cute organizing bins, desk storage solutions, and of course, super cute office supplies to keep everything in working order.

Need some help thinking through your dream home office (or your dream home!)?

That’s exactly what we do at Nest with the Nelsons—provide suggestions, tips, and an expert eye on the perfect finishes, textures, and functionality you crave to create the space of your dreams.

Make it a reality with these 5 easy steps, and of course, our expertise. We have plans to suit every budget, too. Schedule a free 15-minute virtual consultation with us today!

We can’t wait to hear from you and your best home office hacks, too! Leave us a comment below.

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