MemoryStitch:: Turning T-Shirts Into Treasured Quilts

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By definition, I can be considered a bit of a hoarder. Not quite like Hoarding: Buried Alive type of hoarder, but I definitely have held onto things that would have been better off forgotten.

T-Shirts are no exception.

That’s where MemoryStitch comes to the rescue! Introduced to the world in October of 2018, MemoryStitch is a business that started out as a company that made the products that produced quilts but wanted to become so much more. So why not make the quilts themselves?

To go further, they are helping their customers both tell a unique story and aid the environment by recycling and upcycling unused clothing items and producing a quality t-shirt quilt, full of personal messages and memories.

And the whole process couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Pick your shirts

Options can be truly endless here. Are you an avid 5k runner? Have you stocked up on concert t-shirts? Did you participate in multiple extracurricular activities in high school or college? Take all those shirts and let MemoryStitch work their magic into making them into an ever-lasting memory.

We selected 10 Harley Davidson shirts that would be used front and back for a quilt that was 5×4 squares.

Step 2: Design Choice & Cutting Options

Once you’ve picked your shirts, head to their website and choose a layout from their variety of designs and types of quilts (you can even do pillows/pillowcases!).  You also get to choose if you want to cut the shirts yourself or have MemoryStitch do the cutting for you *with a small fee.* Now that all your details are lined up, it’s time to ship!

Boxed up and ready to go!

Step 3: They Make Your Lifetime Memory

After your shirts have been received, you can expect to wait 10-14 days for your new treasure to arrive in your hands. When they received our box of Harley Davidson t-shirts, communication between their staff and myself was great in making sure they created exactly what we wanted. After placing your order, you’ll also receive reminder emails to keep the process going. Our quilt showed up to our door wrapped in a bow and is not only a precious memory to hold onto, but also extremely cozy!

The moment before the big reveal.

The soft and cozy “Fuzz Monsta” styled quilt that they offer (and our unamused bulldog).

Not everyone has someone in their lives or even the talents themselves to create something so special. This is where MemoryStitch has you covered. It’s an investment that will last a lifetime. Order yours today!

Here’s why others love MemoryStitch so much!

“My courageous daughter, Juliet, was not expected to live past the age of five. She fought hard against the Mitochondrial Disease that weakened her body each day. We celebrated her 16th birthday with her In September, and she passed shortly thereafter. Juliet was a miracle, and she loved to snuggle. I love snuggling up with this awesome pillow each day as I remember her sweet smile.” -Janice B.

“When our daughter passed away 6 years ago, we knew we wanted to create a tangible memory for our then 3-year-old grandson, something that would offer comfort and help him feel connected with the mother he barely knew. Memory Stitch was the perfect answer!” -Carole D.

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