Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom in Your Life

I had the best childhood.

It’s filled with irreplaceable memories that make my heart yearn to live just one more day in my adolescence.  My parents were the parents at every sporting event, dance recital, school play, and holiday party.  It’s funny going through the stages of life.  You’re little, and your parents are everything.  They are your play mates, best friends, and apple of your eye.  Then come the teenage years.  To some teenagers, your parents may take a backseat in your life.  You friends are now your number one priority, and you may even ask your parents to drop you off at school a block away.  As you grow, life truly comes full circle.  At least, for me it has. 

I have returned to my primary year feelings for my parents. 

Once again, they are my best friends and I aspire to be everything that they are.  I am blessed beyond measure that they are mine to love. Now that I am a mother, I know now that every rule that was made for me as a child was made out of love.  I know now that nothing compares to the love you have for your children. I also know now how cripplingly difficult motherhood can be. Mothers truly are the glue that holds a family together. With Mother’s Day approaching, I am always scrambling to find something amazing for my mother and mother-in-law. After all, they deserve it. They put up with us for years! 

Look no further!

I have compiled a list of ideas for those special women in your life.

Homemade gifts  

Make her something, or if you have children, get out the crafts! As a mom, I know I love nothing more than a gift with thought behind it. This Christmas, I was gifted a Cricut.  I hereby name this gift as the best gift of all time. I have gotten much use of it.  You can find one on Amazon. If you would like something more simple, here is a website of ideas.

homemade giftsHave someone else make your homemade gift 

If you aren’t up for the task or just aren’t crafty, look to someone else to make you that special personalized gift. Visit Omaha Homemade Goods on Facebook to hit up a local crafter! Support those Omaha moms.

Pamper her

Every woman likes to be pampered! There are a variety of local businesses to help get the job done. My favorite place to get a good pedicure or manicure is Minabella in Omaha.  They are really one stop shop! They offer a variety of other services such as waxing, hair, and makeup. If nails isn’t mom’s thing, everyone loves a facial! Skin by Shelly is top notch for some good relaxation time. 

Get her alone

For Valentine’s Day, I got just this. My husband gifted me time in a sensory deprivation pod at Omaha Float Spa. It was quite the experience! How often can moms get an hour of pure silence and relaxation? 


I truly believe every girl needs a good handbag! Hit up NEXOutlets for a great variety of designer handbags for amazingly low prices. Download the app and you can save even more on these already discounted goods.

Girls Staycation 

Have a girls night out with your mom! Go for a nice dinner, go to a concert, then stay the night together at a nice hotel, or even at one of your houses.  Watch movies together and spend the night munching on tapas and laughing! This is every mom’s dream.

Take her shopping 

Moms spend so much time focusing on their children, let her know that its time to think of herself. Set aside a day where you can take her shopping to pick out some things she likes. She will enjoy not only the gifts, but the time spent with her child, too!

Mother's Day GiftsCleaning service 

My husband gifted this to me last Mother’s Day, and it truly was one of my favorite gifts of all time. Everyone loves a clean house, and it’s even better when you’re not the one doing it!

Of course, what ever you get your mom for Mother’s Day will be awesome to her, because it is from you. If you’re a mom, what has been your favorite Mother’s Day gifts? What have you gifted to the mothers in your life?

Jaimee was born and raised in Omaha. She is the wife to handsome Bret, and stay-at-home mom to three beautiful boys, Cooper (November 2012)) Crue (January 2015), and Cade (June 2018). She is also a "dog momma" to Mitzy (Poo-chi), Bentley (Yorkie), and Chloe (Yorkie). In her spare time, Jaimee loves to write and catch up on her favorite television shows, which consists mostly of reality T.V. She attended UNO where she received a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. Jaimee hopes to return to the world of teaching once all of her boys are in grade school. Jaimee and her family are self-proclaimed Disney fanatics and enjoy anything that deals with Mickey Mouse.