Ding Dong Ditch: Control Your Doorbell with RingPatrol!

We are excited to partner with Ring Patrol for this sponsored post.

I’m not sure about you, but nap time at my house is sacred. Since I homeschool elementary aged kids (4 and 6) and I have a crawling older baby, the only time we can really focus is when the baby is napping. Everyone is so much happier when Mom can concentrate on one thing at a time.

But you know what ruins a whole day?


Oh look…my Amazon package is here…BUT NOW MY BABY IS AWAKE. Sorry kids, Mom has to deal with the baby again.

Here’s how RingPatrol made nap time go from this:

To this!

About RingPatrol

RingPatrol started locally in Omaha with a husband and wife team who are just like you and me—they simply wanted their kids to take naps uninterrupted! Their schedule and sanity health are of utmost importance to them. After creating RingPatrol, they wanted to share their innovative invention with families that want to do the same. When I communicated with Amber via email, it was so refreshing to hear how much she wanted me to be successful with the product. I think it’s amazing to have a very user-friendly object to install and to have such personalized customer support along with it!

But what is RingPatrol?

RingPatrol is a small device that you add to your existing doorbell. No more than a few inches long, it sticks on to wherever your transformer exists and allows you to turn off or turn on your doorbell chime at your convenience. Think of it like a on/off switch for your doorbell, but one where your smartphone can help you schedule when your doorbell can chime. I only wish one existed for those annoying toys my mom sends. One my personal favorite features is that it sends you notifications as to when your doorbell rings (more on that below)!

Before RingPatrol

I wanted you to get a sense of who we were before I walk you through what I thought about RingPatrol. We’re home about 75% of the time and because we’re a single income home, we don’t have much money to throw around. We looked into getting a smart doorbell, and found that many of them are too expensive. That is not the case with this smart doorbell.  Our household is also super technology friendly. We control most everything off of our iPhones and Apple watches (which we bought on sale, of course). So we’re not completely against investing in an item that’s worth our time, but every cent helps. That’s why it’s fantastic that RingPatrol is available for a one-time price of $49.99. That’s it. No payment plan. No monthly fee. That alone makes this perfect for any household.


ring patrol
Quick Start Guide
ring patrol size
RingPatrol! (Banana for scale)

When I received the box, I was pleasantly surprised with the size! The box contained a card with instructions to download the app for installation and the actual device. It was nice to follow the directions on my phone, but it was even nicer when I could click links to aid me in the process.



The longest part of the installation process was setting up our house before we placed the device. We did have to shut off power to our furnace because it controlled our doorbell, but once we did that, it was very easy to add the wires! Finally, we connected RingPatrol to our pass-code secured network and that was that! The app is user-friendly and easy to set up your own schedule. I fell in love with it! 

After RingPatrol

ring patrol notification
Ring Patrol Apple watch notification
Ring Patrol notification
Phone notification!

RingPatrol has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Even when I’m in the middle of homeschooling, and the baby isn’t napping quite yet, I get a notification without interruption because of my curious kids. There was also one time when we were out and about, and I got a notification from someone ringing my doorbell. This perk makes RingPatrol perfect for families who work outside of the home as well. My favorite aspect is that you don’t HAVE to set a schedule. My husband works the night shift at his job, and sometimes he just wants a nap in the middle of the day; RingPatrol saves the day again!



There are some things to consider with RingPatrol. If you’re looking for a security system, this certainly isn’t it. RingPatrol offers serenity and the kind of peace you get when you dictate when your doorbell chimes. I find it nice that it works with traditional doorbells. Video doorbells do not allow you to set your own schedule with as much ease, and for that reason, RingPatrol is a smart doorbell that works for you. If you’re like me who’s home a great portion of the time, have a frequent napper like a baby or a husband who works the night shift, or just want that wonderful notification that the mail carrier dropped off your package, this is it! I sincerely hope you consider this amazing new option for your nap-time household needs!

Neidy (pronounced "nay-dee") is a native Georgia girl, but moved to Omaha in 2012 and hasn't looked back. She lives in East Council Bluffs with her husband Zach, her sons Charlie and Eddie, and her daughter Tegan. Neidy met her husband while in college and married him while he was still serving active duty in the Marine Corps. After a brief stint living in San Diego, they decided to move back to her husband's native home in Omaha. Neidy finished her degree at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, pursuing Film Studies, which has cemented her love of Omaha. She's now a homeschooling mom and works at her church as the children's ministry site manager. She also loves a great cup of coffee, exploring various locally-based restaurants, indie movies, experimenting with new recipes, finding new ways to teach her children, and cheering on the Huskers.