Playdates Over the Summer:: Printable Let’s Play Info Cards

Connecting with Parents for Playdates

The end of the school year brings about many feelings. All the busyness from your calendar clears, activities cease, and, the best part, the weather turns lovely!  You aren’t the only feeling it though—our kids definitely love this time of year and it signals one thing: PLAYDATES! But hang on a second…what’s a parent to do if you can’t get in contact with your child’s favorite friend?

Free Printable

We, at OMB, know how hard it is to get a parent’s number, especially one of your child’s favorite friends! Since you’re not around 24/7, especially in the pick-up line when it gets hectic, here’s a printable so you can fill out your information and your child can hand another child a card with your information on it! Think of it like a mini version of entourage where “our people will call your people”. 😉 Let’s meet up for juice boxes at the splash pad!

**click on photo for free printable**

Playdate Printable Cards

So now that you’ve got your cards all filled out, now you let your kiddo do the leg work. You’ll never have to search for Sophia or Jaden’s mom again! 

We wish you a very restful summer full of many playdates!

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