The Simple Things of Spring Break

I’m always looking forward to my kids being home from school. 

I sometimes long for the preschool days when we had carefree days to sit outside with the neighbors or take slow deliberate trips to the library and open gym at Metro Stars.  In the moment, those days were long and tiring, but there was a beautiful ease to the life my littles and I enjoyed before we had school schedules and academic demands to meet. In part because of that longing, I look forward to having a week with my kids at home. 

We have big plans.

We will sleep in, go out for breakfast, play silly games and try to have something fun to do each day.  We will enjoy life and a carefree pace that we simply can’t during the regular school year schedule. We will make memories to cherish.

But the kids will also fight.

I will also make a million plans that don’t happen.  I will undoubtedly overextend our schedules and pay for it with fights over small insignificant things. I will be freshly grateful for the teachers and the school structure.  I will appreciate how my little ones have grown into smarter and better humans at their hands.

And I’m sure when its all over, I will be ready for school to resume and I will look back at spring break with longing for simpler times.

Here is to a simple, beautiful, just long enough spring break mamas!

Jenny is a fifth generation Nebraskan. She is a true city girl and has lived in Omaha for 15 years of her life! She loves meeting new people and having real conversations. In her day job, she leads a Christian ministry -where she helps college students develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus. She has been married for over a decade and her husband and her have two amazing girls. In her free time, you will find Jenny navigating the new world of being a school mom, exploring area parks and trying to show up for people in a non-judgmental way (there may also be some reality tv involved).