Tips for Saving Money in 2019

Saving Money in 2019
It’s that time of year to tighten our budgets. Some of us may have overspent this past year or simply want a healthier financial picture. Or both! Here are some ways to effortlessly save money.

Reevaluate your regular spending

Take a close look at your bills and renegotiate or change providers wherever possible. We cut the cord a few years ago and have never looked back!  We have live tv and many cable shows on demand for less than $25 a month. 

I am personally working on spending less on groceries in 2019.  We have some great inexpensive grocery options in Omaha. It may take a couple different trips to a store, but don’t be afraid to pursue a different plan for getting groceries into your home. Aldi, SuperSaver, Trader Joe’s and Costco are great places to get good quality food and save money.

Organize your way to financial health

One of my favorite ways to spend time is to organize things (at least it was before the kids and all the toys). You can save your household money by making a meal plan. I have done this a week at a time and even a month at a time. When I have a plan, I am far less likely to go out to eat or to run by the grocery store to pick up random things and likely overspend on extras!

The other kind of organizing that is on my list is purging. I plan to turn the extra, unneeded, and outgrown toys and clothes into cash by selling them online on Facebook or at a local consignment store.

Find support and tutorials online for money saving tips

Finally, don’t overlook help from online support groups as you seek to tighten your spending! 

Before kids, I was enamored with the Extreme Couponing Show and learned how to coupon.  I couponed like it was my part time job and loved it. I had a stock pile of razors that lasted us 3 years after I stopped obsessively couponing!  Online resources like The Krazy Coupon Lady made all the difference in my success. They did all the work of compiling sales at national chains so that I didn’t have to. One of our own contributors on OMB also had a great post about finances last year.

Happy 2019! May it be the year all your financial goals are met!

Jenny is a fifth generation Nebraskan. She is a true city girl and has lived in Omaha for 15 years of her life! She loves meeting new people and having real conversations. In her day job, she leads a Christian ministry -where she helps college students develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus. She has been married for over a decade and her husband and her have two amazing girls. In her free time, you will find Jenny navigating the new world of being a school mom, exploring area parks and trying to show up for people in a non-judgmental way (there may also be some reality tv involved).