The Hospital Bag: Procrastination and Changing of Seasons


I’m currently sitting in my bedroom staring at my suitcase. There’s a pile of clean laundry next to the bag and I’m doing everything possible to get that bag packed without actually getting up to do it. Why? I’m 39 weeks pregnant and have a serious procrastination problem.

This isn’t my first time packing a maternity hospital bag.

I have (almost) 4 year old twin girls and I’m pretty sure I had a bag packed and in the car at 30 weeks. They wouldn’t arrive for another seven weeks! That’s seven weeks of driving around with my brand new postpartum pajamas, new “mom undies” and comfy socks. I felt like a CIA agent ready to grab my “go bag” and report for assignment!

Fast forward four years and it literally just dawned on me that I need to pack some comfy clothes and a toothbrush for my upcoming hospital stay! There is no “new mom undies” or adorable postpartum pajamas in that pile. I hope to remember my shower stuff and a hair tie before zipping it up.

This time it will be different.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am actually looking forward to this hospital stay. This time around I know some of what to expect. I’ll be taking full advantage of all the amazing hospital food and will not be shy about needing a nap. I’ll make sure my television works and visitors are limited to those who sleep in my house. My husband will go home to snore help with the girls at night. I’m looking forward to this hospital stay like I used to look forward to relaxing beach vacations!

So why have I not gotten myself packed? Baby Boy’s bag was packed two weeks ago. I had “Big Sister” shirts made and gifts purchased weeks ago. I’ve lined up and planned out multiple scenarios for people to watch my girls if I do go into labor early, and that was done by July 1st! I am so excited to welcome this new baby in a few days, so why am I dragging my feet with getting myself prepared? Because I’m a mom.

I’m not the same person packing this bag

Four years ago, I only had myself to get prepared. I could spend hours on mom blogs and Pinterest doing research on the perfect hospital bag checklist. I needed to line up daycare for my dog and make sure my husband had clean clothes and a phone charger ready to go. Now those hours are spent writing out my twins daily schedule and making sure whoever is watching them will be able to navigate the crazy Preschool pickup routine.  Making sure my grocery list will cover all of their favorites and there won’t be a major showdown at mealtime. Staying on top of the laundry, getting the cracker crumbs vacuumed up before we’re carried off by ants, and ensuring library books are in backpacks and show-n-tell is ready to go for Monday. Lining up and planning my twins fourth birthday that will take place two weeks after their brother arrives. And don’t even get me started on making sure Halloween is planned and executed, because I will not have a crappy Halloween. I’ve already sacrificed my weekly trips to the pumpkin patch, I will not have a crappy Halloween too! All of this and more while trying to squeeze every last memory and moment out of our time as a family of four.

Better Prepared

Before my twins arrived I didn’t know what the future was going to bring. I knew my husband and I would adjust and play it by ear, nothing else mattered after they arrived. And now it will be my husband, myself and two (almost) four year olds having to adjust and play it by ear… I know once I pack that bag that it’s the last item on my crazy mental checklist to prepare for our new arrival. And if I let myself go there I’ll be emotionally consumed with the magnitude of what lays ahead.

And because I am a mom, I know it’ll all work out. Baby Boy is coming whether I have cute pajamas or stretched out undies from my last delivery. He will be loved and welcomed whether we have a freezer full of freezer meals or become best friends with our local drive thru. Our lives are about to change for the better, what an exciting time to throw some lounge wear into a suitcase!

So what am I forgetting?
I have an empty suitcase, help me pack!


Sara Frohardt
Sara Frohardt is the newest Owner of Omaha Mom. Sara and her husband, Chris, live in West Omaha with their twin daughters, Edith & Eloise, and baby boy William. Even though Sara considers herself "new" to Omaha, she is so happy to be raising her family here. Omaha is most definitely her home. Sara is passionate about creating a welcoming, inclusive community for mothers and families in Omaha by offering valuable parenting and local resources. Sara can be reached at [email protected]